New Resident Evil movie premieres poster confirming characters and cast


We have received new information on the next Resident Evil movie, which will not be directed or produced by Paul WS Anderson or starring Milla Jovovich. It was the actor Chad Rook who Has published a new image on your social networks with a new movie poster featuring the names of a bunch of characters that will be part of the adaptation.

The new poster, cast and characters of the new Resident Evil movie

This poster (which is very reminiscent of the cover of Resident Evil 4) confirms the premiere of the new Resident Evil movie for next September 3. Production began in 2017, but different delays and the current situation of the pandemic have been delaying its premiere.

There were also internal changes, with the producers and even with the script, which will finally be that of Greg Russo, who happens to also write the one for the next Mortal Kombat movie. This is the poster where you can see the list of confirmed characters.

This confirms to the characters that will appear in the Resident Evil movie, of which we also know the actors and actresses who will give life to them in the adaptation:

  • There’s Wong: Lily Gao
  • Albert Wesker: Tom Hopper
  • Brian Irons: Donal Long
  • Chris Redfield: Robbie Amell
  • Claire Redfield: Kaya Scodelario
  • Jill Valentine: Hannah John-Kamen
  • Leon S. Kennedy: Avan Jogia
  • Lisa Trevor: Marina Mazepa
  • Richard Aiken: Chad Rook
  • William Birkin: Neal McDonough

This new Resident Evil movie will be directed by Johannes Roberts and will take us back to 1998, when the T virus escapes from Umbrella’s laboratory and begins to wreak havoc in Raccoon City. As confirmed by its own director, we will live the events of Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 in this new adaptation.

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