New scandal with a City star: his wife checked his cell phone while he was swimming and they were kicked off the beach for a strong argument

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The striker of Manchester City, Phil Foden, was forced to leave a posh beach club during his family vacation after a fight with his wife. Rebecca Cooke exposed himself to cell phone cameras by yelling at the England footballer “Do you think I’m an idiot?” in front of surprised tourists at a resort in Corfu, Greece, after she allegedly looked at her phone while he was swimming in the sea.

The video shows Rebecca, 20, demanding explanations from the soccer player while the couple follows two security guards from the hotel complex down the stairs to the Hotel Glyfada Beach. The couple, who have two children and vacationed with Foden’s parents, Phil Snr and Claire, were escorted out of the premises by members of the accommodation after a furious fight.

“I wonder why, friend”the woman exclaimed as she was helped to carry the stroller up the stairs. Then Phil remains silent until another sentence from Rebecca: “Tell me everything”. according to the english media Daily Maila witness claimed that he heard the wife tell the Manchester City star that they couldn’t go anywhere “because the same thing always happens”.

The couple lived a quiet vacation in Greece until the recent fight
The couple lived a quiet vacation in Greece until the recent fight

One of the witnesses added details about the unexpected action. “I think it had to do with other women. What it seemed was that she refused the photos, but when women approached him it was different ”, he thought about it. And he added: “It was a fight between a soccer player and his girlfriend. She was screaming and screaming. They were only here for the day. It all started down there on the beach. It was really aggressive and intense.”

It is not the first time that Foden has appeared at the center of controversy. Last year he starred in a scandal with Mason Greenwooda young Manchester United striker, when they both invited some girls to the hotel where they were staying with the england team in Icelandbypassing the restrictions against COVID-19. Gareth Southgate He sent him straight home, although he was called up again in November and has already played six games for the senior team, as well as scoring two goals in the victory 4-0 on the UEFA Nations League contra Iceland.

In addition, in February 2022, a video circulated that quickly went viral in which the 21-year-old could be seen being chased by a group of fans that apparently they were charging him and insulting him for his team’s home loss against Tottenham 3-2. The situation got out of hand when the player’s mother came out to repel the fans. After pushing one of them, he returned the aggression with a disqualifying blow to the face.

Phil and Rebecca have two children and have been together since childhood (@philfoden)
Phil and Rebecca have two children and have been together since childhood (@philfoden)

Far from calming the waters around his problematic image, Phil added a new chapter to the story with a public fight with his partner. The next days of vacation will be essential to determine the seriousness of the situation and if they will continue together after the altercation. With the start of the season in Premier League for the weekend of August 6, one of the referents of the campus directed by Josep Guardiola fails to get the necessary rest for a new year of football.


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