New trailer for Avatar: The Sense of Water in Spanish, preparing the return to Pandora


20th Century Studios has published A new trailer for Avatar: The Water Sense, in Spanish. This is a new preview of the long-awaited sequel, which will hit theaters on December 16.

Here you can see the new trailer for Avatar: The Sense of Water.

Avatar: The Sense of Water will mark the continuation of the first film in the franchise, which continues to be the highest-grossing film in cinema history since its release in 2009. Despite being a direct continuation, and as in In reality, this sequel will take place more than a decade later in time, this time with the protagonists having formed a new family.

The film will once again be directed by James Cameron, who has recently spoken about Avatar: The Sense of Water and his proposal. It will not be the only sequel that will arrive soon, since this second film has been shot at the same time as the third, which will be released in theaters in 2024.

But the plans are to go even further, and Avatar also has a fourth and a fifth film planned. However, these two are a little more blurred, since it is not known if James Cameron himself will also be in charge of directing them and, recently, he commented that their premiere depended directly on the success of Avatar: The Sense of Water and Avatar at the box office. 3.

Of course, if the two sequels are as successful as the first (or similar), we can assume that we will see those continuations.

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