New trailer for The Witcher: The Origin of Blood, which shows us the presence of Joey Batey’s Dandelion


The new trailer for The Witcher: Origin of Blood has revealed that Joey Batey’s Jaskier will be part of the series four part prequel.

The latest trailer for The Witcher: Origin of Blood was revealed at the CCXP in Brazil and gives us a great look at the “origin of The Witcher saga”and Jaskier surprisingly appears right at the end in front of Minnie Driver’s Seanchaí.

“You are a bard. I am a storyteller. I need you to sing a story,” says Seanchaí.

Dandelion then responds with, “Are you sure you’ve got the right man for this?”

While Dandelion’s arrival is great news for fans of The Witcher, it’s also a bit of an interesting development as this new series takes place 1,200 years before the original series. The trailer talks about monoliths that cause tears between worlds, so they could be responsible for Jaskier’s role in the story.

Jaskier in The Witcher: Blood Origin
Dandelion in The Witcher: Origin of Blood

Nevertheless, there are some theories on the net which point to Jaskier actually being immortal, especially considering he hasn’t really aged in the more than two decades we’ve already seen of The Witcher on Netflix.

As for the rest of the trailer, we take another look at the seven main heroes of our story, who are all outcasts and strangers to each other who must band together to fight an “unstoppable empire.”

Speaking of that empire, too we see more of the wise chief Balor, by Lenny Henry, and the announcement of his mighty beast. This beast also seems to be the key to creating the first Warlock, as it looks like the team will try to merge the power of the beast with one of the heroes to use the enemy’s biggest weapon against them.

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Netflix has also shared a new key art of the seriesfeaturing all seven heroes from The Witcher: Origin of Blood, including Michelle Yeoh’s Scian, Sophia Brown’s Eile and Laurence O’Fuarain’s Fjall.

Check out the latest trailer for The Witcher: Dawn of Blood which showed a lot of bloody combat.