New World, Amazon’s new MMO, delays its release date


Amazon has delayed New World, your next MMO. The scheduled date was spring 2021, and now we will have to wait until next August 31, 2021.

Amazon shared the news in a development update and said one of the main reasons for the delay was the “Compelling features that we think are important to include in the final game from launch.”.

The team also shared that since the preview event last August, the team has “Polished the combat system, added a variety of missions, expanded the variety of weapons and armor, added fishing, expanded the map to include a new Reekwater region, revised the crafting system, and continued to add in-game content and endgame content. “.

On the other hand, the Alpha of New World will continue in the “next months” and its creators plan to expand the tests by activating the EU servers on March 30, 2021. And we also know that the closed beta test will begin on July 20, 2021. In addition, those who pre-order the game will get access to this beta.

It is also important to note that the closed beta will allow players to explore Ebonscale Reach (a new area in Aeternum, corresponding to endgame content), try their luck on five-player expeditions, see Outpost Rush 20v20, and much more.

It is not the first time that the game has been delayed (initially it was scheduled for August 2020), but everything seems to indicate that it is a project in constant expansion and quite ambitious.

In fact, in our first impressions, we told you that “The possibilities of New World are enormous. It cannot be ignored that it takes too many elements from other video games of the same genre, which a priori does not seem to revolutionize anything (especially in the PVE field) and that could impress much more on a technical and artistic level But these factional wars and the enormous possibilities they open up can make fans of the genre dream. “.

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