News and premieres of HBO Spain in April 2021


April is coming and HBO brings us a repertoire of series and movies that all audiences will like, without a doubt. We present the premieres of the platform during the month ahead, a month full of women with the premiere of Mare of Easttown, with The Nevers and with the always powerful presence of June de The Handmaid’s Tale. The second season of Black Lady Sketch Show It also brings us a great female cast with sketches for the entire audience. A different experience. Dated premieres below:


April 1st

April 2

April 4

  • Reza, Lunch, Mata (KNUTBY)

April 8

  • Exterminate All Savages (Documentary Series)

April 12th

April 18th

  • Welcome to Utmark (New Series)

April 19th

  • Mare Of Easttown (New Series)

April 20th

  • The Godfather of Harlem (Season 2)

April 24

  • A Black Lady Sketch Show (Temporada 2)

April 29

  • The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 4)


April 14th


April 1st

  • Expediente Warren: The Conjuring
  • The Warren File: The Enfield Case
  • Green Lantern
  • Troy
  • The Tourist

April 2

  • Save Private Ryan
  • Escape plan

April 9th

  • The proclamation
  • Silvio (And the Others)
  • An Ocean Between Us

April 10th

April 16th

  • Flashdance
  • Cloverfield
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Escobar: Paradise Lost
  • The dancer
  • Queen victoria

April 23rd

  • The endless story
  • Eternity

April 30th

  • The House of Spirits
  • Captain Koblic

KIDS (series)

April 1st

April 23rd

  • Justice League in Action (Season 1)

KIDS (movies)

April 2

  • Megamind
  • Robinson: A Tropical Adventure

April 9th

  • Doraemon and the Kingdom of Kibo
  • Whoops! Where is Noah?

April 13th

April 23rd

  • Lego DC Shazam !: Magic and Monsters

April 30th

  • Trolls
  • The Seventh Dwarf
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