Next Week, Barbie Will Be Released Digitally For The First Time In The US


Next Week, Barbie Will Be Released Digitally For The First Time In The US:

Even though the summer of Barbie is over, the most popular movie of the year continues to have a few tricks up its sleeve.

Deadline says that people will be able to buy or rent Greta Gerwig’s new movie through digital platforms upon September 12. This will let people bring the musical numbers, emotional drama, and charming comedy into their own homes.

It seemed like nothing could beat The Super Mario Bros. Movie during the box office, but then Barbie came along and became one of the biggest movies since movie houses around the world reopened after the pandemic.

Warner Bros. had set other dates for when their biggest movie ever would be available on digital platforms, but those dates kept getting pushed back because people still wanted to see the movie in theaters.

After 54 Days, Barbie Has Finally Made It To Digital:

But now, the 12th of September appears to be the date that Barbie’s home media promotion will start for sure. It’s not clear if the company has plans to release the title on hard media, but until the film arrives to the Max catalog later this year, digital platforms are the only way to take another trip to Barbieland.

The box office hit, which made more than $1.38 billion global, can be bought for $29.99 or rented for $24.99 on digital movie services like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu, as well as more, on September 12.

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As we already said, Barbie is doing very well at the box office. It is now the second most popular film of the year. Also, it made more money than any other movie ever made by a single woman director.

Within Her Seventh Weekend At The Box Office In The United States, She Made $13.2 Million:

Barbie is based on Margot Robbie’s version of the title doll, who was happy just going to parties and the beach again and again.

But one day, Barbie sees that her life is no longer perfect, and Weird Barbie tells her that she needs to go out into the real world in order to seek out the answers she needs.

Barbie and Ken are riding in her pink roadster, and she is determined to figure out why everything is changing around her. She has to come to terms alongside the fact that the outside world doesn’t look like the place she lives in.

Barbie made $13.2 million over the four-day Labor Day weekend, which is her seventh weekend at the domestic box office. This brings her overall earnings in the United States to $612.2 million.

Barbie Is Running About 2% Faster Than Top Gun: Maverick At The Identical Time:

Barbie is 2% ahead of Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing movie, Top Gun: Maverick, after 46 days at the box office. That movie made $718.7 million, as well as $1.49 billion global, at the end of its run.

Robbie has said in EW’s “Around the Table alongside the Cast” that she thinks people have been interested in Barbie since when she was made.

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“She is a famous person, but she has a lot of problems. Barbie has been atop of her time and behind her time, but she has always been changing. I think that this movie is the next step.”

Barbie Is Set To Come Out On MAX For US Users:

Barbie has been out in theaters for 54 days, and now it can be downloaded. Even the movie’s huge success at the box office hasn’t given it a bigger window of time to play only in theaters than that, yet that’s to be expected within Hollywood after the pandemic.

Also, even though the movie is now available digitally, it’s likely that it will still do well at the box office. Within the US, the movie will be on Max, which used to be called HBO Max. In the UK, however, the streamer hasn’t come yet. It will also be for sale or rental on Prime Video, iTunes, and various other platforms.