NFTs even on your TV: Samsung integrates this technology into the software of its new QLEDs


2021 was undoubtedly the year in which NFTs became popular, and everything indicates that in this 2022 it will go much more. Proof of this is the new update that Samsung has prepared for its new Neo QLED and MicroLED televisions. And is that the company has added functions to buy and trade NFTs in the software of your televisions.

Samsung adds in this way a browser in which we can explore a long list of NFTs, a strategy fueled by the wave that is being generated about this type of technology.

A showcase for NFTs

With details still in the air, the company has announced it through a press release on its website, where it comments on all the news that comes through its next update for Tizen OS. This ‘NFTs aggregation platform’ will come to the new Neo QLED, MicroLED and The Frame models. When buying any of these tokens, we can view it in full screen on our television.

Anyone can create an NFT of whatever they want by stealing original works by artists - the sales platforms aren't doing anything

The metadata of each piece of digital art will appear for all users, having access to who has created the work and other information. In addition, from Samsung they assure that we can adjust the image parameters automatically through ‘Smart Calibration’, and thus see it represented as is the intention of the author. The company comments the following regarding this new addition:

“With the increasing demand for NFTs, the need for a solution for today’s fragmented viewing and shopping landscape has never been greater.”

This technology has generated great controversy over the past year. With strong detractors and those who praise his goodness, what is clear is that more and more companies will join this car.


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