Ninja Theory’s Project Mara is set in a very realistic apartment

Ninja Theory’s upcoming psychological horror game named Project Maratakes place in an apartment and employs technology to be brutally realistic in terms of textures, lighting, and more.

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In a four-minute video, Ninja Theory’s chief creative officer, director, and co-founder, Tameen Antoniades, explained how the studio has attempted to “capture reality to the extreme.”

The Ninja Theory art team has used a real-world apartment, sampling the walls, floors, and other objects, and have photographed and scanned everything. With that reference, Ninja Theory has recreated the materials (even specks of dust) and generated details to make the materials as realistic as possible.

“It is graceful when you approach a material and you can see it as close as the human eye can see,” said Antoniades. “Things that look flat in the background become 3D. You start to see detail, you see edges, you see dirt. You see everything that fits in three-dimensional geometry.”

We leave you with some images:

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