Nintendo 64 receives its first music album: a cartridge with 15 techno and electropop songs


The console becomes a music player thanks to the latest work by European artist Remute.

For some time now, techno music artist Denis Karimani, better known as Remute, has sought to unite his work with one of his greatest passions, his love for retro consoles. The latest example of this mix will be received in March, when what may be the first musical album made to be played on Nintendo 64 hits stores. His name? ‘R64’, and has 15 songs.

Through a preview of the album or, rather, cartridge, Remute explains that it is a release without tricks, where the music will be fully generated and played in real time by the Japanese hardware on 93.75 MHz; in other words, it is not a built-in MP3 player or any other ruse. To make it possible, the artist explains that he collaborated with N64 developer Rasky.

Furthermore, there will be no regional locks for the cartridge, thus allowing users from all over the world to enjoy the music of the European dj.

Nintendo 64

Its content? Remute explains that this is his funniest and most varied album to date, with a repertoire of 15 songs ranging from catchy electro pop to sinister excursions to techno and house that transport audiences back to nebulous 90s venue raves. Those interested in getting it can do so in exchange for 39.99 euros on the artist’s website.

‘R64’ is the first part of a trilogy. The second and third parts will later come to Game Boy Advance and SEGA Dreamcast respectively.

In these months Nintendo 64 is current after the landing of its classics in the Virtual Console, as well as a command that was sold out in stores.

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