Nintendo and Niantic team up again to create an Augmented Reality Pikmin game


Niantic, Pokémon Go developers team up again with Nintendo to create more Augmented Reality games based on Big N franchises, starting with Pikmin.

In a new post on Niantic’s blog, a new alliance between game developer AR and Nintendo has been announced; The two companies will meet to develop mobile titles using Niantic’s AR technology and Nintendo characters. Pikmin’s game will be the first of the results of this agreement and Niantic dates it this year.

“The application will include game activities to encourage walking and make it enjoyable” have said in Niantic. “This will be the first title created by our Tokyo studio since it was established in April 2018.”

Nintendo and Niantic Announce New Partnership Starting With a Pikmin AR Game

Niantic has said that they will share more news about their applications in the future, so who knows what the next franchise to receive this treatment will be. What if we hunted metroids? Or collect Super Mario coins …

Niantic has made a big splash in real-world augmented reality games with titles like Ingress. When Niantic launched Pokémon Go in 2016, it became (and still is) quite a phenomenon. Given that Niantic has worked with other licenses such as Catan and Harry Potter, the new agreement asserts that we will have promising new applications.

No details have been given on how it will be played, but the Pikmin AR game will continue to use the combination of gameplay and movement through the streets. This time, let’s hope, they won’t be able to stop us from going out on the street …

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