Nintendo leads sales in Japan once again


Famitsu has published which have been the best-selling games during the month of February, at least to date in Japan, and it seems that Nintendo takes the absolute accolade. And it is that although the Switch was the console that reigned with 80% of sales last year, it also had 87% of game sales during the last week. And surprise: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury leads these lists.

It is common today that Wii U games appear on Nintendo Switch as a Port. The case of Super Mario 3D World is no exception, and in many moments, users who acquired the machine were disappointed because the company’s previous console was abandoned in favor of the hybrid (no longer hybrid), but for to offer a very similar material again.

In our review of Super Mario 3d World + Bowser’s Fury, the game took an 8’8 and the following rating:

Super Mario 3D World has aged quite well. It is still a very enjoyable adventure, updated in its rhythm and different enough from Super Mario Odyssey for those who came to Switch without going through Wii U to discover it. The big surprise is Bowser’s Fury, which transcends the concept of simple addition and adds mechanics and novelties of epic dimensions.

Source: Gamerant

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