Nintendo loses a lawsuit related to returns of games through the eShop


A German court has annulled the ruling referring to the cancellation of reservations days before the launch.

Nintendo Switch

The purchases and digital downloads They came to us a few years ago wiping out everything, to the point that a large part of video game consumers have gone from getting titles in physical format to acquiring them through the stores and platforms that companies make available to us, even on PC, with the rivalry between Steam and the Epic Games Store.

But these new shopping habits have had a negative impact if we talk about the rights of consumers, who often have fewer possibilities to, for example, return their games. In relation to this, Nintendo is the protagonist this week, since you have lost a case related to the cancellation of reservations in the eShop who had been active for a long period.

Illegal because the consumer cannot test the product before its premiereThis legal dispute has taken place in Germany, where a court has annulled the previous ruling that allowed Nintendo to maintain the cancellation of reservations until seven days before the launch of the games. It has been considered that this policy does not comply with the law. The reasons? That the consumer has no way of testing the product before its release, even if the download is available.

As detailed in the VZBZ summary, translated by Nintendo Life, “this type of online shopping usually can be revoked for fourteen days, without giving reasons. “At the moment, Nintendo has not modified its policy in the eShop, despite insisting that” until the launch date, the game is not useful for buyers, and the Nintendo contract is not fulfilled no way”.

It is not the first time that we have seen how different consumer associations denounce this type of practices by video game companies. With Nintendo happens oftenBut even last year we saw PlayStation in a similar case, sentenced in Australia to pay 2.4 million for denying returns of defective games.

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