Nintendo reveals a special Monster Hunter Rise Switch edition


Nintendo has revealed a different version of the Switch inspired by Monster Hunter Rise and the Pro Controller.

Posted on the official account of Twitter from Nintendo Europe, the special edition of Monster Hunter Rise that is decorated with runes and symbols related to the game; some of them reflected on the back of the console. The Joy-Con have decorations too, and the dock includes the Magnamalo and a shower of fire.

This Nintendo Switch pack (includes the console and a game download code and a DLC kit and bonus content will arrive on March 26, as will the new Switch Pro Controller.

As we told you last week, many users have complained about some major performance problems in the demo of the game that has reached the Nintendo eShop. According to Capcom, all of those problems will be fixed in the final version of Monster Hunter Rising. Of course, if you download it, you will have extra items for the full version.

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