Nintendo Switch is unbeatable in Japan: it has sold five times more than the rest of consoles combined in 2021


The shortage of components has not affected Nintendo so far, warning of a possible stagnation in production.

With each news about the economic performance of Nintendo Switch in various markets, we have come to the same conclusion: the hybrid has eaten 2021. With a OLED model launched last October (which has taken a few more months to reach China) and a shortage of components that it seemed not to affect him, the hybrid has reached a brutal sales milestone, according to the latest estimates.

Nintendo Switch has sold more than 5 million units in Japan during 2021Now we have the figures for all of 2021 thanks to Famitsu, which has shared your data with Gamesindustry. On this occasion, we continue to see the tremendous leadership of the console with more than 5 million units sold only in Japan, which exceeds For five the numbers achieved by the rest of the platforms in the country (PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S / X and Nintendo 3DS, which obtain a total of 1.1 million of units).

As for the rest of the hardware, the PS5 numbers elevate the console to the second position in the Japanese Annual Top with more than 940,000 units distributed. We see a different landscape in the Xbox Series ecosystem, as its 95.000 consoles sold are surpassed by PS4, whose results stand in the sale of more than 103.000 appliances. It should be noted that PlayStation has a much more established presence in Japan than Xbox.

Returning to the Nintendo Switch, its undoubted success has already come face to face with the lack of resources, as the president of Nintendo has already warned of a possible stagnation in the production of consoles to early 2022. But, if you are a hybrid user, you can always check out the most popular games on the Japanese eShop or, if you prefer independent adventures, the best-selling titles on the indie scene.

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