Nintendo Switch Oled arrives in China in January, just three months after its original launch


The deadlines for the review of the Japanese system are shortened, although the Switch Lite is still not available.

The success of Nintendo Switch It knows no borders and has already sold almost 100 million consoles worldwide, and that includes mainland China, which will receive in a few days the latest revision of the Japanese system: Nintendo Switch (OLED model).

According to Daniel Ahmad, an expert in the Asian market, Tencent and Nintendo will distribute the OLED model in the region this coming January 11, just three months after its launch in the West – it arrived in Spain on October 8. This implies a fairly short approval period for what had been common in the face of foreign hardware by the Beijing authorities.

Of course, like other consoles available in China, Nintendo Switch will be sold with its digital store blocked from approved releases in the country.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model)

Daniel Ahmad recalls in his information that Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will reach this market before Nintendo Switch Lite, which still no date for China. No details have been shared if it is due to a lack of interest from the Japanese company and Tencent or due to stricter regulation by the authorities for some reason.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) was introduced last summer putting an end to the rumors that spoke of a Nintendo Switch Pro. The system differs from the standard model in offering a 7-inch OLED screen with a thinner frame capable of offering an experience more enriching thanks to its more intense colors, as well as an adjustable wide support. You can know all the news about Nintendo Switch (OLED model) in this video report by Jesús Bella.

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