Nintendo Switch Online: networks catch fire asking for Earthbound


Nintendo Switch Online, the service that has more than 26 million users, announces its free games for this month, which will be present in the “virtual console” of Nintendo Switch through the applications of Super Nintendo and own NES. The Nintendo of America account on Twitter has revealed that it is about: Doomsday Warrior (SNES), Psycho Dream (SNES), Prehistorik Man (SNES) and Fire ‘n Ice (NES).

This could be the news, however, what we echo is that the networks have caught fire with fans pissed off because To this day, Earthbound has not yet reached the gaming service for your Switch. The game, which belongs to the saga originally known as MOTHER, is an RPG from which products such as Pokémon took many elements and it is also an adventure already considered cult.

There are those who deny games:

What do you think there would be no problem in offering it:

And then there is, for example, the one who fantasizes about a better world for RPG lovers (at least the kid is positive):

What about you? What do you think of these additions?

Source: Comicbook


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