Nintendo Switch version 12.0 hides references to a “4K version” dock and Bluetooth audio, according to dataminers


Data extraction from a recent update of Nintendo Switch It might suggest that the console will get a new dock for a 4K version of the console, as well as there might be an update to allow for Bluetooth audio.

El dataminer OatmealDome noted that the Switch 12.0.0 update contains references to potentially unannounced features. While Nintendo’s patch notes only say that a save data backup bug has been fixed, fans reviewing the update files have commented on other changes.

OatmealDome initially discovered that the update appears to allow the Switch base to update, something that shouldn’t be necessary given how basic the components are in the base. However, hexkyz on Twitter noted that the use of the term ‘crda’ in the firmware seems to mean “Cradle Classroom”. Apparently, ‘Cradle’ is the internal term for the Switch dock, while ‘Classroom’ is a supposed codename for the 4K update that has been rumored for a long time.

OatmealDome also points to a new internal setting, ‘4kdp_preferred_over_usb30’, which could be related to a 4K display output, something that would only be necessary in a Switch update. While none of the above is secure, and the firmware configuration can be implemented without ever being used, the idea of ​​a new dock and 4K output is consistent with the idea of ​​a potentially more expensive new Switch model.

Apart from that topic, the dataminer has shown that the firmware update adds audio support to the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth controller. Bluetooth audio has been a highly-requested feature since the Switch’s launch, allowing gamers to use wireless headphones instead of the 3.5mm jack, and the update may finally allow it to work.

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However, the dataminer makes it clear that they are not sure if these features will end up being used and, as with the changes to the dock, it could end in a simple curiosity. However, it is possible that a Switch update will add the feature.

While it’s impossible to officially confirm at this time, if Nintendo is working on a new version of the Switch, it stands to reason that it will look to roll out internal updates to support it before launch.

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Pac-Man 99. Recently announced as a Nintendo Switch Online exclusive.

Rumors about the so-called Switch Pro model have persisted for a long time, with Nintendo going so far as to say that it would not announce a new model. “short term”, and analysts remain in conflict over a possible launch for 2021.

However, with the company reportedly expecting a second year of record sales, a new model may be seen as a means of boosting software sales. Rumors have also surfaced about a new chip that could help the Switch keep up with the PS5 and Xbox Series X.