Nintendo uses a fan-art on the Super Nintendo World website


Super Nintendo World It is still a topic of conversation on the Internet due to its imminent inauguration, but at the same time it has given rise to some inquiries. This time it is not that maybe there are secrets, or that certain sagas have a space or not, but that a fan designer claims they have used an image of Mario that he made years ago.


Translation: “I love how Nintendo has used MY old Mario on their official Super Nintendo World website.”

And yes, this gentleman does these 3D designs, and this one appeared 3 years ago on Reddit. It is clear that if it is not the same, it looks like horrors, which gives food for thought. He is a graphic artist who has also made interesting artworks all related to Super Mario.

If you want to go to the amusement park, take a look because we can even make a virtual visit to the place. Let’s see if the situation allows us to travel soon.

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