Nioh 2 receives its last major update on PS4 before its arrival on PS5 and PC


On February 5, 2021, a collection with the two Nioh titles, their additional content and a lot of interesting improvements will arrive on PS5. And taking advantage of the fact that games are back in the news, Team Ninja has released the latest major update to Nioh 2 for PS4 and PC.

And this version 1.23 of Nioh 2 is not exactly a patch that is limited to fixing errors (that corrects them), but it contains quite interesting news. From new boss-related features, to weapon tweaks and more.

The full list of changes is only available in Japanese (through the official website), but Wccftech (which offers exclusive coverage of the game these days) has echoed the most important ones.

And without a doubt, the most important change is the introduction of new floors in the depths of the underworld. Which means not only that the double boss fights we saw in the original Nioh are brought back, but triple boss fights are also introduced for an ultimate challenge.

The rest are big changes in gun behavior. For example, with adjustments to the movement speed and the amount of advance for the rapid attack in the upper stage of the sword. As for the correction of bugs, the vast majority are related to unfair situations that occurred in the fighting. For example, the player taking damage that did not exist when using evasive moves.

Remember that if you opt for the remastered version, you can enjoy Nioh 2 even at 120 FPS on PS5. In addition, the game will make use of the Dual Sense on the Sony console. More specifically, with a constant use of haptic feedback in combat and adaptive triggers for the use of the bow and arrows.

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