Nitish Kumar said – BJP can decide about LJP’s stay in NDA

Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Thursday that only BJP can decide about Chirag Paswan’s LJP’s continuation in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). At the same time, tomorrow i.e. on Friday, the alliance leader will be announced in a meeting of the four constituents of NDA. Also Read – Who will be CM in Bihar ?: Nitish Kumar said- I did not claim

Nitish Kumar said that the NDA has got a majority in the Bihar assembly elections 2020 and the NDA will meet on Friday and formally announce the leader of the alliance. Asked if you would ask BJP to remove LJP from NDA at the Center, Kumar said, “You can make such a suggestion”. He said, “It is for the BJP to decide. I have nothing to say about this. ” Also Read – Poet Munnwar Rana commented again, said – By 2022, the country will be declared a Hindu nation

In response to a question asked about the Chief Minister’s post, he said, “If there is a meeting of the NDA, it will be decided in that, what we have to say in this and after that a formal announcement will be made.” Also Read – Mamta’s minister Shubhendu Adhikari showed attitude, will 4 TMC ministers join BJP?

Let us know that this time Lok Janshakti Party had contested Bihar elections separately from NDA and JDU has suffered a lot due to this in many seats. Let us know that Nitish Kumar’s party JDU has got 43 seats in Bihar Assembly Elections 2020, while in 2015 elections his party won 71 seats. At the same time, BJP has got 74 seats in this election.

The date of officiation ceremony is yet to be decided
After the NDA’s victory in the Bihar Assembly elections, Nitish Kumar said to media persons for the first time, “The date of the Padma ceremony has not been decided yet. Tomorrow (Friday), all things will be decided after discussing in the meeting of the four constituents. “

What can we do if a misunderstanding arises
In response to a question about the LJP, he said, “We have served till now and despite this, what can we do if any misunderstanding arises in the society.” He said, “We are with the NDA and will work among the people.” If the NDA takes a decision, we will go with it and work together.

Everything will be decided what to do
On the question of the government’s program, Nitish Kumar said that when the government is formed then the future program is decided. After the NDA meeting, only one thing will be decided what to do, after talking among themselves.

There is enough majority, there is no problem in running the government
When asked about the number of ministers, he said that its limit is already set in the constitutional provisions. Now how many ministers are formed in the first round and after that, it is a later thing. He said, “The NDA has a substantial majority. There is no problem in running the government. People of Bihar have given us a chance to work. “

We have never compromised on crime, corruption and communalism
Nitish said, “We have never compromised on crime, corruption and communalism. There is not going to be any change in this. There has been no riot since I took office. ” He said, “We have worked for all sections of society and even after that someone creates confusion and people are confused then it is their right.”

Tejashwi spoke on Yadav’s promise – some people kept speaking
He refused to say anything about allegations of some opposition leaders, including Tejashwi Yadav, about rigging the counting of votes. He said, “What can I say on such things?” In indirect reference to Tejashwi Yadav’s promise of job, he said that some people kept talking about what cannot be done.

In the last election meeting it is said that the end is good
Asked whether the victory of 2015 was huge or that of 2020, Nitish said, “The public is the boss. I personally never made any claims. I do not have any personal preference, but I have to work, then I will work with the same hard work. ” He mentioned during his tenure the control of crime in the state, the development of the state and the welfare work done by the government in the state during the Corona epidemic. When asked about his remarks on ‘last election’ during the election campaign, Nitish said that he says in the last election meeting that the end is good.

Overcoming a tough challenge from the opposition in a very exciting contest in the Bihar Assembly elections, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by Nitish Kumar has captured the magic figure of majority by capturing 125 out of 243 seats.

NDA: 125
– BJP – 74
– JDU 43 seats,
– Hindustani Awam Morcha 4
– VIP 4 Seat

Grand Alliance: 110 seats
– RJD 75
-Congress 19
– CPI Male – 12
– CPI 2
– CPM 2
-Lok Manpower Party 1
Other: 2

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