No deposit vs. deposit bonus: What is the better choice?


No deposit vs. deposit bonus: What is the better choice?

Casinos are progressively being embraced worldwide hence the increase in companies operating them. Each casino, of course, intends to make profits from the business. For this reason, the operators have placed different incentives to attract and maintain the customers. These include but are not limited to profitable offers, rewards, and bonuses.

Just like motivating people to work hard in their jobs for bonuses to boost productivity, bonuses in the casino are also highly lucrative. These bonuses include a welcome bonus, free spin bonus, and reward multipliers. However, different casinos offer the bonus under different conditions. This mainly varies in whether you are required to place a deposit first or not. Deciding whether to place your bet in no deposit casinos or casinos with deposit requirements can be daunting; hence the pros and cons below should help you decide:

What is a casino deposit bonus, and how does it work?

This is a monetary bonus offered to you as a player when you deposit in your account in an online casino. It is more of a welcome bonus, matching your first deposit. In most cases, this would be a 100% bonus where you receive twice the amount you deposit in your account once you join the casino. Some casinos offer higher percentages as a bonus, up to 500%.

Online casinos mainly use this bonus to lure in new players while motivating them to play. Once you receive the multiple of this deposit, you can use it to play table games such as blackjack. For most casinos, if your bonus is above 200%, there are limits to what you can play, which is mostly slot machines.

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Advantages of deposit bonus 

Deposit bonuses offer you the chance to make some extra cash- the additional cash help you place more bets on the side of your play.
Most of these casinos stipulate terms and conditions that are friendly to you as the player.


Some sites require you to finish ‘burn out’ your deposit money first. This makes the bonus a safety net rather than a winning edge in the vent that you lose your money. Hence, it is better to ensure you have access to the bonus first-hand.

No deposit bonus-Explained

On the other hand, as the name infers, ‘no deposit bonus’ does not require you to place any deposit to receive the bonus. In addition, you do not have to provide your credit card information. In no deposit casinos, you only need to activate your account, after which you begin playing for free. The bonus, in this case, is standard for everyone and limited to a certain amount depending on the casinos.

You can receive this bonus either as cash or free spins. With this edge, you can rack up winnings. Once you reach the required minimum and meet the terms and conditions of the site, you can cash out the money you have garnered.

Advantages of a no deposit bonus

Enjoying playing and winning the games without risking your money: If you manage to win with the bonus, you can even continue playing using the winnings to earn more: This means that you may never have to spend your dime to place bets.

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Expand and explore your gaming horizons: Considering the money is a bonus, you can use the advantage to try out new games without worrying about losing your money. With this, you can find entertaining games that you are better at and even earn better.
Reduce your chances of getting cyber attacked: In these casinos, you are not required to give your bank details. This offers you better privacy and security because in cases where you provide such information, you risk getting hacked.

Widen your array of casinos: No deposit casinos will do the magic for you if you want to explore different games or different casino experiences. You do not have to worry about finding funds for each casino you join: You do not have to worry about losing either, as the casino offers the bonus for free.


The casinos set maximum wins to control the losses they incur from providing this offer
For most casinos, there is a time limit for how long you can use the bonus and make up the wagering requirement
There is a limitation and restrictions regarding eligibility for the bonus
In most cases, only specific games count towards wagering requirements for you to enjoy the bonus

Final Thought

The online casino bonuses are worthwhile since they give you an extra edge to win more money. Choosing the right casino for you is dependent on the terms and conditions behind the bonus you are receiving. One may prove to be more profitable compared to the other. However, playing in a no deposit casino has proven to be more beneficial as it is less risky, yet you still have an edge to win more. Moreover, it is like getting an opportunity to play for free, yet you can win real cash that the casino will deposit into your account. It is advisable to carefully check and understand the terms and conditions for any casino before you start playing.

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