No news from Elden Ring at Microsoft’s March event


You all really want to know more about Elden Ring, the game that could be shown (we expected) at the Microsoft event this March … but it seems that that is not going to happen, according to VG247.

It has been Microsoft insider Paul Thurrott who has said that it will be on March 23 when there will be a Microsoft online event. And this, of course, piqued the interest of those awaiting the title. But we are not going to have good news, since Microsoft’s own head of marketing, Aaron Greenberg, has said (without even referring to the alleged event) that we should not expect news about Elden Ring at the moment.

Exactly for this reason, criticism of misinformation has appeared today. In fact, almost a month ago we showed you a YouTube channel that talks about the game on a daily basis, with constant news, sometimes every few hours, so that you don’t miss anything: Elden Ring News. This would not be newsworthy except for the fact that there is no news, and therefore the videos are a succession of days in which the kid gives the part that there is no new news. As it is.

If you want to know something recent about the title, an artist who worked on the teaser trailer for the game published a concept art made for him, and made it very clear that he does not have an intimate knowledge of the game. Of course, being the Elden Ring, the community went wild with thanks. If you want to see it, it is posted on his Artstation account.

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