No Parking No Car: Before taking a car in Delhi, you will have to show proof of parking or wait for 15 years for a new car.

No Parking No Car Rules: When buying a car, one usually focuses on their budget, car model and company. But, Delhiites have to pay attention to one more thing with all this and this is parking. That is, car buyers in Delhi now need to take care of the parking area. Also Read – School Reopening Latest Update: Schools will not open in Delhi till October 5, the government has issued its order

According to the Parking Area Management Rule, if you do not have a parking space in Delhi, you will not be able to buy a car from next year (2021). Meaning that only those people who have parking space in Delhi will be able to buy cars. At present, this rule is not implemented yet, but in future this rule may come into force. Also Read – Delhi HC orders students to give mobile-laptops, Internet packs for online classes

Those who will not have a parking space in their house or in the colony, they will not be able to buy a car. Those who will have valid parking in the house, in the colony or within a kilometer radius, only those people will be able to buy the car. At the same time, residents of the colony or areas already have full parking area and people have more vehicles than the prescribed limit, even the residents will not be able to buy a new car. For this, parking rules have also been asked to be prepared for all areas of Delhi. Also Read – Adequate regulation exists for print, electronic media, be the first to regulate digital media: Center

Let us tell you that to stop the ever increasing pollution in Delhi, a committee Environment Pollution Control Authority was formed by the Supreme Court. This committee has sent a suggestion to the car companies and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi that car dealers in Delhi should show car dealers the parking space and present evidence of parking. Parking proofs can be the proof of parking, rented parking paper.

This will be the rule for those who do not have it

Those people will be able to easily buy a car in the national capital which has own or rented parking. But those who do not have parking, may face problems in future. It is being told that those who will not have their own parking will have to wait a long time of 15 years to buy a new car. After 15 years, they will be able to sell their old car in junk and buy another car.

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