Noida: Two boyfriends of two girlfriends, suspicion on third friend and then came this murder mystery

Noida: In Noida, Uttar Pradesh, a crime incident has come to light, in which two youths had girlfriends, but both of them murdered by making a plan if a third friend suspected their interaction and relationship with their girlfriends. gave. Not only this, both of them tried to prove the incident to the murder by making an excuse for the accident. This horror crime story has come out from Uttar Pradesh’s Noida. Also Read – SSR Case: People understand Riya Chakraborty’s mobile number, abuses young man, police complains

According to the police, two youths murdered a young man in Noida on suspicion of having a connection with someone else. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone II) Ankur Aggarwal said that Ajit (23) used to live in the same house with his friends Mohit and Vipin in Elabas village of Phase-II police station. He told that Mohit and Vipin had two female friends. He suspected that his friend Ajit also talks to him and he is also related to him. Also Read – Betting on Backwards! BJP named Rajya Sabha candidate to Jayaprakash Nishad

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police said that Mohit and Vipin hatched a conspiracy to remove Ajit from the road, and on Tuesday morning these people hit Ajit’s head with a heavy stone while sleeping and after this they both went to Kapil’s house, Ajit’s relative Informed him that he has an accident and needs to be admitted to the hospital. Also Read – Suraj Pancholi angry over adding name in Sushant-Disha Salian case, complaint lodged

Additional Deputy Commissioner told that Kapil refused to go with him to the scene after which both returned from Kapil’s house. Meanwhile, Vipin ran away from there with his bag. He told that Mohit called an ambulance on the spot by calling 112, and informed that his friend Ajit had become an accident. He told that the ambulance reached the real hospital about Ajit. The doctors there declared him dead.

Additional Deputy Commissioner said that Mohit also ran away from the hospital during this time. On post mortem of the dead body it was revealed that Ajit has been murdered. He said that on the complaint of the deceased’s family member Kasaram, the police registered a murder case. On Wednesday morning, police arrested Mohit on the basis of an information.

Additional Deputy Commissioner told that Vipin is absconding. Police is searching for him. Additional Deputy Commissioner told that Vipin has been jailed several times from Ghaziabad in connection with the robbery case earlier. The police have also recovered the stones used in the murder.

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