Novak Djokovic arrived in Serbia after being deported from Australia: how he was received

Djokovic arrived in Serbia after being deported from Australia

Novak Djokovic He is already at home after a short but intense passage through Australian lands, from which he was deported after the justice of the oceanic country rejected his work visa twice.r not complying with the complete vaccination schedule, as well as finding errors in the medical exemption documents you presented upon arrival.

The number one in the tennis world failed to defend crown at Australian Open and finally returned to Serbia where he was greeted by a handful of fans who came to the airport to offer him their support after what happened.

Djokovic will not be able to defend the crown in Australia (Reuters)
Djokovic will not be able to defend the crown in Australia (Reuters)

According to the newspaper Flash, the 34-year-old tennis player, considered a national hero in Serbia, flew from Australia to Dubai airport and, from there, he took another plane to Belgrade, where he landed around 12:16 p.m. (11:16 GMT) noon.

Djokovic, who aspired to defend his Australian Open champion title and become the first tennis player in history to add 21 Grand Slams, returned after eleven days of controversy sports, judicial and diplomatic for their opposition to being vaccinated against covid.

Fans wanted to go to the airport to receive him (latikambourke)
Fans wanted to go to the airport to receive him (latikambourke)

The President of the Serbian Parliament, Ivica Dacic, stated that Australia’s decision to revoke the Serbian tennis player’s visa “It is the victory of politics over sport”, and assured that the treatment that Djokovic had was “humiliating and disgusting”.

In addition, he recalled that Djokovic traveled to Australia with a medical exemption: ”Objectively, everything was based on the internal political struggle in Australia and it is a very wrong act by the Australian authorities,” said Dacic, who indicated that Nole he is also a bearer of a Serbian diplomatic passport.

Fans approached Belgrade airport (Reuters)
Fans approached Belgrade airport (Reuters)

A widespread opinion in Serbia is that Djokovic has been a “scapegoat” in political fights in Australia before this year’s elections. Dacic indicated that the tennis player is an icon in his country, but that he is not seen by anyone as an anti-vaccine leader.

Serbia, which at the beginning of 2021 topped the vaccination rates in Europe, now has less than half (47%) of its population vaccinated with the full schedule.

Djokovic raised controversy as soon as the pandemic began in 2020 by declaring that would not like to be forced to be vaccinated against the coronavirus so he could travel the world, and later championed freedom of choice, though he stopped short of actively advocating against the vaccine.

Djokovic's fans waited for his arrival (Reuters)
Djokovic’s fans waited for his arrival (Reuters)

The Serbian press described the expulsion of Djokovic, who won the Australian Open nine times, as the “sports scandal of the century”.”Nole, is the pride of Serbia”, headlined the sports daily Sports magazine, and the rotary Politics opened its front page with headlines like “Australia expelled their champion” and “Djokovic was deprived in an unsportsmanlike manner of the right to fight for his 10th title.”


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