Now Apple users can get their iPhone purchases financed and interest free for 24 months


The latest financing scheme for all the iPhone purchases that are interest-free for about two years is not a part of any Apple Prime subscription, but the offer is undoubtedly compelling. On Wednesday, Apple introduced a new facility that will permit all the Apple Card owners to get their iPhone purchases financed, without having to pay any interest.

This newly introduced program seems to have caught the eye of the consumers, who frequently wish to upgrade their iPhone models into the latest ones. However, the financing portion either holds them back, or they have to depend on their careers to finance their purchases.

According to Apple, the users along with the Apple Card from Goldman Sachs will have another option for financing their purchase that is not associated with any traditional fee charged for the credit card transaction or any interest as well. The deal is further sweetened with the offer of the Apple Card that will return 3% on the purchase made from Apple.

With the introduction of this program, groundwork is being laid about which the people familiar with the matter have to say that this may lead to a more extensive subscription program under the banner of Apple Prime, which will resemble the facilities of Amazon Prime. The subscription program will include some of the perks along with the free, fast shipping facilities.

The Apple subscription for hardware would allow the users to pay for the privilege of making use of the newest device while including some of the other services like AppleCare, which shows resemblance to the iPhone Upgrade Program that was introduced recently, which offers APR of 0% but will charge some fees.

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However, if we talk about the “Apple Prime” subscription program, it will include every other Apple subscription plan such as iCloud, Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade and Apple News+ in a bundled up deal.  Apple has started its journey to explore all the aspects of this subscription plan. This week, for instance, Apple announced a bundle of its subscription program that is exclusive to the students, which includes Apple TV+ and Apple Music at the price of $5/month.

And the people familiar with the matters of the company had to say that Apple is planning to combine its Apple TV+ subscription plan with the hardware, as the company is planning to provide free service with a new purchase of a device for the first year.