Now Corona will push 15 to 175 million more people into extreme poverty: UN expert

New Delhi: A UN expert said that due to the Kovid-19 epidemic there will be an increase of 15 to 175 million people living in extreme poverty. Olivier de Shatter, the special envoy for extreme poverty and human rights affairs, said that 15 to 175 million more people would be exposed to extreme poverty due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. Also Read – Corona Virus Latest News: 54,366 new cases of Kovid-19, 690 deaths, active cases reached below seven lakhs

The shutter informed the third committee (social, humanitarian and cultural) of the United Nations General Assembly about this on Wednesday. Representatives of the committee expressed concern about the plight of the world’s most vulnerable in many of their dialogues. “We should reconsider our development model,” he said, adding that most of the people who would be exposed to extreme poverty would be workers working in the informal sector or in precarious employment. Most of them will be women. Also Read – Viral Video: Neither two yards – no mask, huge crowd at the sari shop, IPS said – Here even Corona will be afraid to enter …

He said that environmental sustainability and social justice should be considered as pre-requisites for shaping economic reform. Shutter was one of five independent experts participating in virtual dialogues with committee representatives. Discussions covered topics ranging from extreme poverty and internal displacement to education, human rights, safe drinking water and adequate housing. Experts noted the interrelation between conflict and climate change. He recommended taking steps to ensure that students can get clean water and other sanitation facilities in the school during the epidemic. Also Read – India Corona Updates: More than 55 thousand cases of corona in the country in 24 hours, active cases below seven and a half million

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