Now Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta also infected with Corona virus, tweeted himself information …

Coronavirus news in hindi: The number of corona infections in the country is increasing rapidly. Everyone from common to special people are coming in the grip of uncontrolled coronavirus. Now Delhi BJP President Adesh Gupta (Adesh Gupta) is also caught in the corona. Delhi BJP President Adesh Gupta has given information by tweeting himself on Wednesday. Also Read – School Reopening: Will schools not open in UP from 21st September ?, Deputy CM made a big statement

Adesh Gupta tweeted, ‘I had a COVID-19 test after having a mild fever last week, whose report was not found to have an infection, due to feeling unwell, I again tested the corona The one in which the infection has been confirmed. ”Gupta said that he has been in quarantine since last week. At the same time, he urged the people who came in contact to conduct an inquiry.

On the other hand, the Corona figures in the country are increasing very fast. In terms of the number of infections in the world, we have left Brazil behind in the second place. Every day Corona figures are running in thousands in the country. In such a situation, the Corona figure increased from 40 lakh to 50 lakh in just 11 days. That is, in just 11 days, 10 lakh new infections cases have been reported in the country. Please tell that today a total of 90123 new cases have come up in the country.

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