Now the income tax officers will not face, PM launched this service, know important things


Transparent Taxation – Honoring the Honest: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) today launched the ‘Transparent Taxation – Honor of Honest’ platform through video conferencing. On this occasion, the Prime Minister said that now the tax system is becoming ‘faceless’, it is giving fairness and a trust to the taxpayer. In tax matters, the facility of face-to-face appeal (faceless appeal) will be available for citizens across the country from 25th September i.e. Deen Dayal Upadhyay’s birthday. The Prime Minister said that the honest taxpayer of the country plays a huge role in nation building. When the life of the honest taxpayer of the country becomes easy, if it moves forward, then the country also develops. Let’s know 10 big announcements of PM Modi on this occasion… Also Read – PM Narendra Modi Live: PM Narendra Modi’s gift to honest taxpayers, portal launched

1. PM Modi said that the company tax rate in India is included among the lowest corporate tax countries. Also Read – Independence Day 2020: Learn why Independence Day is celebrated on August 15 itself

2. The need for basic reforms in the Indian tax system, efforts are being made to make the tax system barrier-free, painless and fear-free. Also Read – Narayan Murthy expressed the possibility of a fall in GDP, Rahul Gandhi said – If Modi is possible then

3. The Prime Minister called on the countrymen to go ahead. He said that in a country of 130 crore people, only 1.5 crore people pay taxes.

4. The Prime Minister said that through the tax charter, the taxpayer has been assured of fair, courteous and rational behavior. That is, the income tax department now has to take care with respect and sensitivity of the taxpayer.

5. The Prime Minister announced the Charter (Charter) for the taxpayers.

6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that under the new platform ‘Transparent Taxation – Honor of Honest’, ‘Faceless’ assessment, ‘Faceless’ appeal and Taxpayers Charter are included.

7. Now a limit has been fixed for taking tax dispute cases up to Rs 1 crore in the High Court and more than Rs 2 crore in the Supreme Court.

8. Attempts like ‘Dispute to Faith’ plan are that most cases should be settled out of court.

9. The PM said that at least there should be a law, if the law is very clear, then the tax payer is also happy, this work has been done for some time.

10. New systems starting from today, new facilities, minimum government, strengthen our commitment to effective governance, this is a big step towards reducing the interference of the government in the lives of our countrymen.


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