NVIDIA gives the user more freedom and adds image scaling options


GeForce NOW continues to refine a subscription service Y cloud gaming which will be established as one of the future alternatives. Together with the NVIDIA service, Microsoft continues to promote its Cloud Gaming and, although they differ in form and substance, GeForce NOW added more than 12 million users last October.

GeForce NOW has played with the subscription of its users by limiting the FPS of several of its games

In this case, we bring the service to the fore not only because of the inclusion of new titles in its gaming system, but also because of an extremely interesting novelty that will give users greater freedom while they play: the possibility of scale the image by means of artificial intelligence. In this case, NVIDIA will offer us three relay modes:

  • AI-enhanced scaling: It can be activated on computers with certain graphics cards – you can check which GPUs are compatible at this link – and on SHIELD TV devices. Regarding the operation of this scaling, NVIDIA uses a trained neural network model together with an algorithm that improves the sharpness of the image to generate a more natural result.
  • Improved scaling: provides a higher quality scaling than the standard mode.
  • Standard scaling: this option will be activated default and has a minimal impact in system performance.
Geforce Now Update


The new update incorporates other novelties for users of the service, such as the new settings to modify the quality of the retransmission, which may be configured live through the overlay by GeForce NOW. Additionally, the streaming experience from the web page has been improved, now assigning the ideal streaming resolution on devices unable to decode high streaming bitrate content.

Nvidia reinforces cloud gaming: GeForce Now will have a new subscription with an RTX 3080 for each user

Games joining the service

This improvement will come through its 2.0.37 update which, in addition and as expected, does so along with new additions to the GeForce NOW catalog. As you know, this service is not like PC Game Pass, it only gives us the possibility of running certain games in the cloud that are part of the service regardless of launcher.


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