Obama’s Personal Chef Drowns On Martha’s Vineyard Near Where His Family Lives


Obama’s Personal Chef Drowns On Martha’s Vineyard Near Where His Family Lives:

The personal chef who cooked for President and Mrs. Obama at the White House has died. after sinking near the couple’s home on Martha’s Vineyard.

Divers found Tafari Campbell’s body on Monday. She had been missing since Sunday night, when she was last seen in water behind the Obama property in Massachusetts, where she lived.

The paddleboarder whose dead body was found in Edgartown Great Pond upon Monday was identified as Tafari Campbell, who was 45 years old and from Dumfries, Virginia.

Tafari Campbell Is The Personal Chef Of Barak Obama From The White House:

Campbell worked for the Obamas as well as was in Martha’s Vineyard at the time. The Obamas weren’t at the house when the accident happened.

Tafari Campbell worked within the White House, and after Barack Obama left office within 2016, she stayed with the Obama family. On Sunday, he was last seen in the water of Martha’s Vineyard’s Edgartown Great Pond.

What Michelle Obama Stated In Statement Regarding In Incident:

“Our family loved Tafari very much. “When we first encountered him, he had been a talented sous chef at the White House who was imaginative and enthusiastic about food and the way it can bring people together,” Mr. Obama and former president Barack Obama’s wife said on Monday.

“During the period that followed, we came to know him to be a warm, funny, and very kind person who make all of our lives slightly brighter.”

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A previous state police news statement said, “He went into the water, struggled briefly to stay upon the surface, then went under and did not come back up.” The report says that another paddleboarder who was on the pond alongside him at that point saw him go beneath the water.

A news statement from the Massachusetts Environmental Police said that the body of Campbell was found in Edgartown Great Pond just before 10 a.m. on Monday.

Police Used A Side Scan Radar To Find His Body:

Police used a side-scan radar from a boat to find his body, which was approximately one hundred feet from the shore and about 8 feet deep. Divers from the department’s underwater rescue unit then brought his body to the surface.

Police say that the Obamas weren’t at home at the moment of the event, and that Tafari’s death is being looked into. In a statement, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama said that Campbell was a “beloved part of our family.”

“When we first encountered him, he was a talented sous chef during the White House. He was creative and passionate regarding food as well as its ability to connect people collectively,” the couple said.

“In the years that followed, we came to know him as a warm, funny, and very kind person who make all of our experiences a little brighter.”

Barak Obama Requested Tafari To Stay Alongside Him While They Are Leaving White House:

“That’s why, as we were getting set for leaving the White House, we requested Tafari to stay alongside us, and he graciously agreed. Since then, he’s been a part of our lives, and we’re very sad that he’s gone.

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The missing paddleboarder was looked for on Sunday after a fellow paddleboarder said he was struggling on the surface, went down, and didn’t come back up.

The search stopped late on Sunday, yet upon Monday, state police reported that radar from a boat found the body approximately one hundred feet from shore at an approximate depth of about 8 feet. Police said Campbell did not have a life jacket on.

State police said that the death of Campbell is being looked into by the State Police Detective Unit for the Cape as well as Islands District and the Edgartown Police.