Obsidian Bride Chapter 27 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


Obsidian Bride Chapter 27 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

People love the fantasy romance manhwa series Obsidian Bride. It’s about a young woman named Lueri Ryza, whose family sold her to marry a lord who treats her badly. But one night, she gets an exclusive offer to take part in a strange date show. There, she meets six good-looking guys who are actually gems in human form.

They are all different in attitude and strength, and they are all trying to win Lueri’s love. If you like this interesting Manhwa series, you can’t wait for the next installment to come out and find out what happens next.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 27 Release Date:

That’s correct! Chapter 27 of The Obsidian Bride will come out this week, on January 11, 2024, at 12:01 AM JST. So, what are you really waiting for? Keep in mind that the next part of Obsidian Bride will have a lot of exciting new action, so make sure you set your alarms and notes to go off at the right times.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 27 Storyline:

I’m afraid there isn’t an official preview for Chapter 27 of Obsidian Bride yet. The author and distributor haven’t said anything about the next part or given a sneak peek. It is possible to guess what might happen next, though, based on what we know from the earlier parts and the web book.

Finally, we saw that Lueri was in a tough spot because Platinum and Alexandrite, two of the jewel men who liked her, wanted to take her. Silver is in charge of the group. She is calm, kind, and loving.

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He has the power to work with metal and make weapons. Alexandrite is the newest member of the group. She is happy, playful, and naughty. His talents let him change how he looks and take on other people’s. Platinum told Lueri how he felt and kissed her, yet she was still scared and unsure because her husband was abusing her.

Alexandrite saw the kiss as well and was envious. She was pretending to be Marianne, Lueri’s maid. He chose to tell Lueri who he really was, and he additionally kissed her to try to win her over. Alexandrite’s lie shocked and angered Lueri, who felt duped.

What’s going to happen in 27? Will Lueri let Alexandrite feel what he feels and forgive him? Will Platinum find out about Alexandrite’s plan and talk to him about it? Will Lueri’s husband find out her secret as well as try to hurt her? Will the other guys step in and make things more difficult? What will Lueri do to pick her true love from the six gem men?

For now, we’ll have to wait till the chapter comes out to find out. But if you’re interested and don’t want to wait, you can read the web book version of Obsidian Bride, which is where the manhwa got its ideas from. The author is Yoon Seul, and there are 120 episodes in all. You can read it in the Naver Series, but some parts cost money.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 26 Recap:

Lueri woke up in Platinum’s room, confused and sorry for what she had done. She felt guilty about betraying her husband, despite the fact that he was mean to her. She additionally wondered if Platinum liked her or if he was just interested in her for himself.

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Platinum went back to the room and gave Lueri a friendly welcome. He invited her to join him for breakfast, which he had made for her. Besides that, he said he had something important to say.

Platinum took Lueri with him to the dining room, where he told her how he felt. He told her that he loved her right away and wanted to keep her safe and give her happiness. He told her he knew she was married, yet he thought she would still like him.

Finally, he kissed her deeply, which made her heart race. At the same time, Alexandrite was watching them while pretending to be Lueri’s maid, Marianne. He was angry and jealous because he thought Platinum had taken Lueri away from him.

He chose to let Lueri know who he really was and also tell her how he felt about her. He thought Lueri would like him more than Platinum because he was more active and fun. Alexandrite waited for Lueri to come back to her room before going up to her. He told Marianne he was Marianne and asked her about her friendship with Platinum.

He then changed his look quickly and kissed her, which shocked her. He told her his real name was Alexandrite and that he had been Maryanne to get closer to her. He told her he adored her more than platinum and wished to be with her.

Lueri was very angry and hit Alexandrite. His lie hurt her and made her feel cheated. She asked him why he lied to her and tried to hurt her thoughts. She told him she didn’t like him, and she wanted him to stay away from her. She cried and ran away from him.

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Obsidian Bride Chapter 27 Trailer Release:

Find a place to read Chapter 27 of The Obsidian Bride. Chapter 27 of Obsidian Bride will be released on Naver Webtoon, which is where the manga first appeared and is still the official source.

You can access it for free on the website or app, but you won’t be able to read the chapter until a week after it comes out. Instead, you may use coins to open the part as soon as it comes out. There are also fan-made sites where you can read Obsidian Bride Chapter 27.

These include the Webtoon App, Manga Rock, and Manga Fox. But we recommend that you stick with the original source and honor the author’s work and rights. You can get the highest quality, the most recent changes, and special features like comments, reviews, and fan art when you read the manhwa on the main site.