Obsidian Bride Chapter 29 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


Obsidian Bride Chapter 29 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Obsidian Bride is a South Korean manga series that has fans all over the world. People who are really looking forward to Obsidian Bride Chapter 29 come back for more. The exciting story and beautiful artwork of the famous South Korean manhwa series Obsidian Bride have kept fans on the edge of their seats. The story is about a secret game where people hide their names and faces and look for their true love alongside other jewels.

Lueri is the main character. Lueri, poor and abused, plays the game by assuming the identity of Marianne, a noblewoman. She quickly learns, though, that she wasn’t the only one lying and that the game is trickier and more dangerous than she imagined.

This page has all the information you need regarding Obsidian Bride Chapter 25: the official release date, a preview, the date of the raw scan release, a summary of the last chapter, and a link to where you can read it.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 29 Release Date:

That’s correct! Chapter 29 of The Obsidian Bride will come out this week, on January 25, 2024, at 12:01 AM JST. So, what are you really waiting for? Keep in mind that the next part of Obsidian Bride will have a lot of exciting new action, so make sure you set your alarms and notes to go off at the right times.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 29 Storyline:

There isn’t a set date for when spoilers for Obsidian Bride Chapter 29 will be revealed, but we do know that the raw scans come out one or two days prior to the chapter. That means the chapter 29 teaser will likely come out on January 22, 2024.

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Where To Read Obsidian Bride Chapter 29:

Looking for a place to read Obsidian Bride, Chapter 29? There are a few places you can go to read Obsidian Bride Chapter 25. The legal place to read Obsidian Bride is on Naver Series, a Korean site for webtoons and web novels.

If you’d rather read Obsidian Bride in English as well as any other language, you will have to use one of the fan-made versions that you can find on many websites and apps. Manga Rock, Manga Dex, and Manganelo are some of the well-known ones.

You can get free versions of Obsidian Bride along with other manga stories on these sites, but they might not be correct or up-to-date. Also, reading on these platforms might not help the people who made and published Obsidian Bride because they don’t have the rights or permissions to share the series.

So, if you can, read Obsidian Bride Chapter 25 on the official site, Naver Series, and show your support for the writers and artists who work hard to make this great series.

Another option is to read Obsidian Bride on my website, Ncertpoint. I cover the latest stories in anime, manga, movies, TV shows, manhwa, culture, and other related topics on my website, Ncertpoint.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 28 Recap:

He can feel the sparkle of diamonds. Obsidian, who falls asleep next to him, gives him a hard look. When their eyes meet, a symphony of feelings that they can’t say comes to life.

He gives her a warm hug to reassure her that everything’s okay. His hug is a promise to pay without saying a word. The sun’s golden rays light up the hall as the lovers meet. Everyone gets a little nervous on their first evening together.

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I asked, “Where have you arrived?” Pearl asks Obsidian a question with an interested look on her face. A friend and I got lost in the desert. It gives us chills just to think about the desert. At night, when Garnet is telling the boys the story of his meeting with the obsidian as well as the scorpion, he smiles in a way that makes the story more interesting.

There are emotions in the air that people don’t express. Pearl can’t keep her feelings in check after she finds out the truth about Garnet. She says “slightly” in a sound that is just above a whisper. Even so, Obsidian, the center of this storm, is still a secret.

He gave an answer that is hard to describe because it’s like a mystery fabric with secret goals. Garnet goes to the men’s room across the hall to get rid of his anger over having to share a room with Pearl.

Platinum, who has blush on his cheeks to make them stand out, says he had a rough night the night before. His pupils show that he is still feeling hot.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 29 Raw Scan Release Date:

We know that the raw scans for Obsidian Bride Chapter 29 come out one or two days before the chapter itself, so there isn’t a set date for when they will be available. The raw scans of Chapter 29 should arrive on January 22, 2024.

Obsidian Bride Chapter 29 Trailer Release:

What Are The Rating For Obsidian Bride Chapter 29?

Because over 10,000 people voted on Manhwa Top, the main site for Obsidian Bride, the show got a score of 4.6 out of 5. It also has more than 2,000 comments, and most of them are nice things to say.

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Fans of Obsidian Bride as well as other Manhwa and book series can talk about and share details on the Book Updates Forum, an online group. The series has a grade of 4.8 out of 5 according to 12 votes.