Odisha: In the morning, in the morning, the bear attacked the person in a terrible way, read what happened next

new Delhi: This morning a man was attacked by a wild bear in a town in Odisha. The bear dropped this person to the ground in his attack. Seeing this, many people walking on the road could not afford to move forward, but some people went ahead and started beating the bear poles, then the bear left the person somewhere. When the people ran behind the bear with the poles, the bear ran towards a tinshade. Also Read – Coronavirus in Odisha: 494 new Kovid 19 positive patients in Odisha, number of infected crosses 15 thousand

Today on Friday, this incident happened in Bhawani Patna town of Kalahandi district. The good thing in this attack of wild animal is that the person who has attacked the bear has not suffered serious injuries. As soon as the bear left, he stood up on his own strength. He is rushed to the hospital for treatment. In fact, as soon as the bear attacked the person, within a few moments, people started showering poles on the bear. This caused the bear to leave that person soon and flee to save himself. Also Read – Liquor price: This state government has drastically reduced the price of liquor, removed corona fees by 50%, now it will get a bottle

Today on Friday, this incident happened in Bhawani Patna town of Kalahandi district. People sent information about this to the forest department when it reached a forest team. In this regard, the District Forest Officer said that the bear would be tranquilized and after that it would be released into the forest.

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