OLED switch reiterates the benefits of its screen: it supports an image for 1800 hours without losing quality


OLED technology loses quality if it is exposed to somewhat extreme circumstances, but it is not the case of Nintendo.

For better or for worse, the Nintendo Switch OLED was a huge surprise to the gaming community. Its main novelty revolved around a bigger screen with brighter colors, so we have not been slow to learn about aspects such as the technology it uses or the importance of its adhesive screen protector. Now, with the console already established in the market, a user has put the console to the test with a somewhat extreme situation.

Screen duration has been tested with an image from Zelda: Breath of the WildWULFF DEN has dared to leave a still image of Zelda: Breath of the Wild during 1800 hours, equivalent to 75 days in a row with the screen on. In this way, some OLED displays would lose image quality and therefore frustrate the player experience, but this is not the case with Nintendo. As you can see in the video you have below, Nintendo Switch OLED barely shows changes after continuously exposing a still image.

Clearly, this experiment has hit the console a bit. Yes OK very noticeable changes are not perceived, the content creator notes that the white color has become slightly more subdued, and the bluish-white shows a slightly green cast. Beyond this, Nintendo Switch OLED is saved from major defects such as burn marks on the screen, which can appear after exposure to circumstances such as those described.

Therefore, Nintendo Switch OLED reiterates the power of its screen not only with the brightest colors, but also with its duration. In addition, it should be noted that practically no player would unconsciously leave the screen on for 75 days. However, this was not a problem for buyers of the Nintendo Switch OLED, since since its launch in October it has harvested most positive figures in places like Japan or the United Kingdom, while in areas like China it has just landed.

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