Olivia Rodrigo Responds To The Idea That Vampire Is About Taylor Swift


Olivia Rodrigo Responds To The Idea That Vampire Is About Taylor Swift:

Olivia Rodrigo was finally talking about the cruel reports that she and Taylor Swift are fighting. Rodrigo talked to The Guardian about rumors that her song “Vampire,” the initial single from her second album Guts, which comes out on September 8, was about her possible falling out with Taylor Swift.

“What should I say? When asked about the song’s possible link to Swift, Rodrigo asked. “I mean, I never would like to say who my songs are regarding.

I’ve never done that in my work, and I’m not likely to start now. I don’t think it’s fair to say that a song is only about one thing. People’s thinking that shocked me a lot.”

Rodrigo Said, “I Believe It’s Better Not To Pigeonhole A Song As Being Regarding This One Thing”:

Rodrigo finally said, “I never desire to say who any of my tunes are regarding. I’ve never attempted that in my work, and I’m not likely to start now. I don’t think it’s fair to say that a song is only about one thing.

After a shaky laugh, she said this regarding the Taylor Swift theory: “I was quite taken aback when people felt that.”

The internet theories say that the “bloodsucker” claims could be made against the Karma singer because of the copyright issues that came up after Rodrigo’s first record, Sour, came out.

Early on, people noticed similarities between Rodrigo’s hit song “Deja Vu” and Swift’s “Cruel Summer.” Rodrigo admitted that Swift’s song was her favorite and that it inspired her to write “Deja Vu.”

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Rodrigo Ended Up Giving Credit To Both Artists While Offering Each Of Them Half Of The Credit And Royalties For Each Track:

People said the same things about both “Good 4 U” by Rodrigo and “Misery Business” by Paramore. Rodrigo ended up giving credit to both artists while awarding them 50% of the credit and earnings for each track.

Rodrigo said, “I didn’t know how the legal side of the music business worked because I was so new to it. I feel like I know a lot more about the business now and am better prepared for it.

“It wasn’t a thing I thought regarding too much,” she said when asked if it changed how she wrote songs for Guts. Adding to the reports of a feud between Rodrigo and Swift was the news that Swift’s Eras Tour would have a new opening, Sabrina Carpenter, who was said to be the other person in Rodrigo’s first single, “Driver’s License.”

Swift was an early supporter of Rodrigo’s career, cheering her upon when “Driver’s License” and other songs from Evermore first made it to the charts.

Later, they met up and took a picture at the 2021 BRIT Awards, a few months after Swift sent Rodrigo a package of hand-wrapped gifts that included the ring she wore when she wrote her album Red.

Even Though They Were Pictured Together For The First Time At The Brit Awards Within May 2021:

In addition to the song that Rodrigo subsequently awarded Swift credit for, she also used one of her idol’s songs on her first album, which was a clear way to honor her.

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Rodrigo said at the time, “I don’t want to say too much because it’s really sweet and personal.” “Nevertheless, she speaks a lot regarding how, in the world, I think you build your own luck. And when you help other people, good things happen to you.”

Even though they were finally pictured jointly at the Brit Awards within May 2021, fans didn’t have to wait long to think that the Disney Channel star and the famous singer didn’t get along.

“Bleeding Me Dry Such As A Goddamn Vampire” Is One Of The Lines In The Song “Vampire”:

Rodrigo and Swift stopped talking to each other soon after they met, even though Swift released re-recordings of her albums Red and Speak Now as well as her new album Midnights.

There are lines in the song “Vampire” like “bleeding me dry such as a goddamn vampire,” which makes certain people think Rodrigo may have been talking about money, especially songwriting rights.

Even though not Rodrigo nor Swift has openly said anything about the other, Rodrigo told Time that it was “really frustrating” to see people belittle and ignore her creativity.