On the NEET, JEE exam, the Punjab CM said – We cannot play with the lives of millions of students


NEET JEE Exams: Protesting taking the NEET-JEE exam in the corona epidemic, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has said that it does not make sense to take the exam in the midst of this epidemic, all of us together to postpone this examination. Should go to court because it is related to the lives of millions of students. Also Read – NEET-JEE Exam: Mamta Banerjee said in the meeting of Chief Ministers- PM Modi is not listening, we should go to Supreme Court

He called upon the Chief Ministers of the opposition-ruled state that they all unite and challenge this upcoming exam. Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Wednesday asked Advocate General Atul Nanda to collectively file a review petition to coordinate with his counterparts in other governed states. Also Read – Is Congress involved in Damage Control? Sonia Gandhi calls Ghulam Nabi Azad after CWC meeting, says …

On Wednesday, a virtual meeting convened by Congress President Sonia Gandhi with chief ministers of seven opposition-ruled states discussed delays in issuing GST compensation and other issues of general concern, including the farm ordinance. Also Read – Sonia Gandhi’s meeting on JEE-NEET exam and GST compensation issue today, Mamata Banerjee may also be involved

Amarender Singh said that online examinations are being conducted all over the world. He suggested that JEE and NEET and other professional examinations like medical and law examinations can also be conducted online in India. There is no need to put students at risk for examinations.

Amarinder Singh also revealed that his government would soon set up a committee to assess the impact of the new education policy on the state’s education system and finances. He said the scenario was not conducive to physical examinations.

The Chief Minister told the meeting that despite repeated pleas and reminders on the issue of compulsory final examinations for colleges and universities, the University Grants Commission (UGC) failed to take notice of their government’s concerns.

“How can we put the lives of students in trouble after Kovid reaches its peak in September. How can students take the exam in such a delicate situation? ” He also asked, “I also want students to take exams and pass, but in the midst of crisis how can I do this?”

Amarinder Singh also raised the issue of the Center’s decision to suspend the post-matric scholarship scheme for scheduled caste students, whose number in the state is 3.17 lakh.


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