On Their First Anniversary, Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Share Photos From Their Wedding Within Georgia


On Their First Anniversary, Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Share Photos From Their Wedding Within Georgia:

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in Georgia a year ago. On Monday, they celebrated the initial anniversary of their wedding on Instagram.

Mrs. Affleck posted two pictures from the wedding service, which took place on the home of her groom near Savannah. Lopez and Affleck said “I do” for the first time a month earlier in a Las Vegas wedding church.

“One year ago today, Lopez, who is 54, wrote the captions for the two pictures. In the first, 51-year-old Affleck hugs his new bride while she looks at him with love. Within the second, they kiss under a sky lit up by fireworks at night.

Lopez hints at “Dear Ben” Part II later in the text. Lopez’s new record “This Is Me Now,” which she talked about within her post, is a follow-up to her 2002 album “This Is Me Then,” which was affected by her first relationship with Affleck and has a song called “Dear Ben.”

The Whole Point Of The Album Was To Show That There Is Love:

“On the album This Is Me… Now, we took a picture of me when I was reunited alongside the love of my life and we decided to be jointly forever,” she stated. “The whole point of the record is to show that there is love.

This really is love. Now, I think the album’s message is clear if you were thinking if you, like me, have ever lost hope or practically given up, the answer is no.

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Because real love does exist as well as some things do last forever, as well as that’s real. I want to share that idea with the world, which requires a lot of openness.

The Couple Met When They Were Both In The Widely Panned 2003 Romantic Comedy “Gigli”:

I tried to stop, but I couldn’t. Certain portions of it shocked me. I think some of it scares Ben as well. He says something like, “Oh, do you truly intend to say all this?” And I’m like, ‘I don’t know what else to do, baby.’

When Lopez was still married to dancer Cris Judd, they worked together in the 2003 romantic comedy “Gigli,” which was not well received. After Lopez’s split, “Bennifer” became a big name in pop culture.

The Hollywood power couple made hooked up in 2002, but they broke up in 2004 and said it was because of all the attention they were getting from the media. They got back together in 2021 and got engaged the next year.

Jennifer Said, “I Went Into It Thinking I Was Going To Catch This Moment In Time.”:

“I went into it with the idea that I was going to catch this moment in time. I’m not the same person I used to be 18 or 20 years ago. I am not the same person I was 20 years ago. I’ve changed.

I’ve picked up some things. I’ve been through a lot of bad stuff. I’ve been through tough times. I have been divorced. I’ve been in a lot of hard situations and dealt with a lot of personal problems.

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Jennifer Said, “I’m Famous Now, Yet I’m Still Jenny From The Block.”:

But it got me here, and it was merely saying, “Let’s show who I am now and what I’ve been through.” I mean, there are songs upon there which speak about how I feel about my life.

‘Jenny from the Block’ was me saying, ‘I’m still Jenny from the block. I know I’m famous now and all, yet I’m still Jenny from the block.’

Now I’m going to tell you that my life isn’t all hearts and flowers, as you might have thought. Let me tell you a bit about what happened.”