On this website you can play chess games with friends, participate in tournaments or even learn the best strategies


On the Internet there are a lot of places to play, and if you like board games, in Genbeta we have previously recommended half a dozen websites to play online and for free with friends. Now, if your thing is specifically chess, then you’re going to want to take a look at this site.

Its name is lichess.org and it has everything you might need to play or learn to play chess from the computer. Alone, with a friend, or with any stranger online, in lichess you can even simply watch other players’ games.

The free chess server

Online Chess 2

Lichess is basically a server of free and free chess, open source and without advertising. The web is by far a new project, but it has become very popular in recent years, so much so that you can find up to 100,000+ concurrent players on any given day.

More than a million chess games are played on Lichess a day, but playing is not the only thing you can do on the site. Besides this, when you finish a game you can request a computerized analysis with the Stockfish chess engine to learn from your mistakes and compare your moves against a huge database of chess masters.

Six websites (and some extras) to play board games online, for free and with friends

As we discussed before, if you like to watch, there are live battles from other players all the time, and even some famous world champions come to play here. The site has its own version completely in Spanish and you can train in the exercise section.

If you like chess and want to improve your skills, practice, learn from others, or just challenge a friend, you can do it all. As simple as creating your own private room or joining the pile of waiting rooms that there are all the time.

Thanks to my Xataka colleague Enrique Pérez for this recommendation.


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