Once the East India Company had changed the map of India, now it became an Indian owner.


East India Company is owned by an Indian entrepreneur: Who does not know that the East India Company of Britain was established for business with India, but the interconnection of the wealth-rich princely states of India. The imperialist aspirations of the company were awakened by the battle of India and the lack of strong leadership and it changed the history and geography of India. Also Read – Today in History: The foundation of slavery was lying in India, and much more special happened today

But now you will be happy to know that the owner of this company is now an Indian. The owner of this company, which has ruled over a large part of the world including India, is an Indian entrepreneur. The new owner of the company is named Sanjiv Mehta, who is a big businessman of Indian origin. This East India Company once had an army of millions, had its own intelligence agency and even had the right to collect tax. Also Read – ‘The Indian Independence Act’ was introduced in the UK Parliament on this day.

In 1599, it was the day of 22 September when a meeting of 21 businessmen was held in London. The meeting considered the formation of a company to do business with India. At that time, Elizabeth I was Queen of Britain.

Talking about Indian entrepreneur Sanjeev Mehta, he acquired his intervention in the company in 2005 and gave a new identity to the company by making the company a new brand in the business of luxury tea, coffee and food items. According to Mehta, being the owner of a company that once ruled the world today makes him feel proud as an Indian.


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