one of the best gaming laptops of 2022, it carries an RTX 3080 Ti and Alder Lake


Acer has done it again. Your laptop gaming Predator Triton 500SE, I say: I have been experimenting with the model PT516-52s (That’s what the 2022 version is called) and it has become one of the easiest recommendations I can make to anyone interested in getting a piece of equipment with these characteristics. That said, what kind of product are we dealing with? So before one of high-end, aimed at professionals in the field or the most demanding players. Among its main attractions is the use of one of the more powerful graphics cards in the market, the RTX 3080 Ti – absolute spokesman of the solution of raytracing + Nvidia DLSS—along with a 12th-gen Alder Lake processor. All this, on an IPS screen of 240 Hz compatible con G-Sync. A really good starting point.

technical specifications

Understated, sleek and fully capable of meeting the latest trends, the latest Predator Triton 500SE comes with a fast and complete IO. It would have been nice to have a DP 1.4 port in addition to the HDMI 2.1, because while the laptop is more than ready to show off content on larger, higher resolution screens, it’s now difficult or prohibitively expensive to find those that have already given the leap to this format—but we’re talking about a problem that will ultimately “solve itself” as the industry modernizes.

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99W (230W adapter)

weight and measurements

359mm (ancho) x 262mm (largo) x 19,9mm (alto)

2,3kg (sin cables)


WiFi 6E (Killer Doubleshot Pro)

Bluetooth 5.2

Ethernet LAN 2,5 Gigabit


USB-C Thunderbolt 4 (x2)

USB-A 3.2 gen2 (x2)

SD 7.0 reader

Ethernet input

Headphone or microphone port


HDMI 2.1

For its part, the internal components have embraced the latest cries in video games. Interesting, and applauding, is the decision to forego 4K resolution in favor of a much faster refresh rate than we’re used to seeing, catering to a more realistic, broader audience; one that jumps constantly between action multiplayers (with their respective needs for speed) and others for a more leisurely player in which graphic fidelity prevails over everything else. In that sense, the resolution 2560×1600 it behaves like an “off-roader” that only lacks HDR compatibility to make me fall in love.


16″ IPS Panel (16:10 format)

Resolution 2560×1600 (QHD+)

240Hz refresh rate

3ms response


Windows 11 Pro (64 bits)


Intel Core i9-12900H @ 2,90 GHz

(Alder Lake 20 threads and 6+8 cores)


Nvidia RTX 3080Ti (8GB) + Intel UHD


32GB, DDR5-4800 (from DIMM modules)


4 TB (2x 2 TB Samsung gen4 M.2 SSD)

Chassis, IO and the exterior

One of the things that most attracts the attention of the renewed Predator Triton 500SE is that unlike many of its rivals, it does not bet on a particularly pompous aesthetic: its chassis has a matte metallic tone free of frills, with the sole exception of two stripes that mark the indentation corresponding to the keyboard. There are only two serialized logos, quite discreet, that are found on both sides of the flap; so we speak of a sober and homogeneous address. Since the only roughly visible PVC is on the keys, holding it conveys robustness, seriousness and (in a well acclimatized room) freshness.

There is some other shocking decision in design, yes. For example, the LEDs that indicate when the computer is on and when it is charging are housed just 3 cm below the screen. This isn’t a problem most of the time, but when using it at night or in a dark place it’s easy to get distracted by the brightness. Another merely circumstantial problem is in the keyboard lighting: Although it looks more than convincing from above, at a certain distance from the screen the shape of the keys lets in too much light and is somewhat unpleasant. Being a laptop, I assume that not a few buyers will run into this problem while playing with an external controller or MKB.

Predator Triton 500SE

  • The battery lasts between 4 and 7 hours (office) or 1-2 hours (playing)
  • You need to have the charger connected to activate Turbo
  • It is possible to charge via USB-C if you prefer

It’s actually possible to change the color (with three different options) and intensity of the keyboard illumination via software, but not having the ability to do it on the fly as the need arises is a shame. On the other hand, and without leaving this area, the keyboard is spacious and incredibly silent, although the distance between the keys can be uncomfortable for some. Those who take the worst part are those who are used to keyboards with the layout in Spanishbecause this one is from the United States —it is possible to “combat” it and avoid wrong keystrokes by changing the Windows language to US Spanish, but in that case you would be pressing keys that do not correspond to its character.

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I would also say that it is important to clarify that the Predator Triton 500SE falls into the spectrum of large and heavy laptops. That’s not necessarily bad, and I even consider myself related to this class of computers, but you should take it into account just in case it’s not the type of product you expect. At this point, it is time to clarify that although most of the observations listed so far have negative connotations, they are small “buts” that do not overshadow the real impression of the device: it is elegant, pleasant to handle and however you look at it, a premium device .

gaming performance

Without access to the dedicated GPU, the observations correspond to the hybrid mode “Optimus”

Before going into this point, you must take into account that during the writing of this analysis I have been using the controllers 512.44 from Nvidia; although currently through GeForce Experience you can download the most updated version, which at the time of writing these lines is 516.59. Similarly, since the unit I have used for the 3DGames PC review is not 100% identical to the model that will be released in stores, I have had certain limitations when it comes to fiddling with the dGPU – the closest thing is the hybrid mode, which starts from the integrated graphics with a notorious cut of frames per second.

I also find it interesting to clarify that the key escort for gaming on the Triton 500SE is Predator Sense, Acer’s application that helps us control things like the fan profile, the overclocking of the components (either in general or by loading specific settings for each game) or the macros that you use in any MMO. And it is particularly important, because although there is a dedicated key for the Turbo mode right where the top air intake slit, it won’t do anything unless you have the charger plugged in.

With these very limited conditions, these are my results.



average fps (best)

Average FPS (best + turbo)

DOOM Eternal (id Software)

Vulkan, 2560×1600, DLSS performance, ultra nightmare



Control (Remedy Entertainment)

DX12, 2560×1600, DLSS, máximo + RT alto



QUAKE II RTX (Bethesda/Nvidia)

DX12, 2560×1600 (dynamic, 80 FPS target, RT)

78 (67% resolution)

81 (73% resolution)

Monster Hunter: World (Capcom)

DX12, 2560X1600 (solo 16:9), DLSS activado, ultra



Bright Memory: Infinite (FYQD-Studio)

DX12, 2560×1600, max



These are quite good results considering that we start from the iGPU, although unfortunately there is a high price to pay for this performance and it is not that of having the cable connected; is that of sound. The Triton 500SE does not have a ventilation sophisticated in particular, so activating Turbo mode often results in 50dB+ noise when playing. The system, by the way, is one quite expanded by the world of laptops gaming: you have a top grille, just below the screen, which is where the air enters; and some lateral ducts that is where it comes out. Illustratively, the central part of the keyboard is the one that heats up the most, which makes sense because that facilitates the equal exit of warm air.

DOOM Eternal (id Software)

If you are interested in getting this computer, I recommend that you also have a controller or a mouse handy because the touch panel it is not at all recommended for most games. That is true for any computer, but in this case I think it deserves its own paragraph because in reality that panel is very satisfactory in office tasks or even in Microsoft Paint. But if you are going to play CS:GO or LoL, then you will definitely need to get a peripheral of your choice.

Conclusions and release information

I liked the PT516-52s model of the Predator Triton 500SE a lot, I think Acer has made the right choice by opting for a simple, sober design without unnecessary complications; also including the most attractive components for gamers in 2022. It’s a shame we didn’t get a chance to fully test dedicated graphics due to BIOS limitations beyond the scope of the magazine, as well as see the occasional clumsy decision when it comes to chassis layout and the very loud noise that the fan produces, but if we put all those things in the balance, I would say that there are clearly many more good things than bad in what will undoubtedly be one of the best laptops gaming of the year.

With a recommended price of 2999 dollars / euros, the manufacturer is clear that it is targeting an enthusiastic audience, and you will really need enthusiasm to find it because in Spanish stores there is not a trace, at the moment. Unless you find an importer, you will have to settle for the 2021 model, the PT516-51S, equipped with components between the RTX 3060 and the RTX 3080.

Regarding its launch date, although Acer could not provide us with the information prior to the analysis, the company has shared with us that the Acer Predator Triton 500SE will be available in Spain at the end of september 2022. At the moment, the company has told us that, presumably, the first available models will be on sale at the Acer Online Store.


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