One of the most successful Skyrim mods returns after five years missing


One of the best Skyrim mods in its entire history disappeared without a trace in 2016. Its own creator removed it from all platforms where it was available, leaving all users orphaned from the work it had created. Now it’s back and we can reinstall the famous Wyrmstooth in the immortal Bethesda game.

Wyrmstooth is one of the most successful mods in Skyrim history

The creator of this Skyrim mod, Jonx0r, decided to withdraw the mod five years ago, and it was he himself who decided to rescue it with a new version of Wyrmstooth that you can download and install from Nexusmods. It is an expansion mod, that is, it incorporates new adventures, stories and elements such as a huge dungeon to the base game. Its creator has uploaded a trailer with which you can take a look at his spectacular work:

The Wyrmstooth Events (which features dubbing and all) incorporates a new series of missions set right after the main Skyrim story. You will have to form a team of mercenaries who will travel to the island of Wyrmstooth, full of dangers and new content for the game.

It also incorporates new spells, powers … a real outrage, which five years ago managed to rise as one of the best mods in Skyrim and returns five years later with a new version. Hopefully this time its creator does not decide to eliminate it, although just in case we recommend that you hurry up to enjoy it. If you are looking for other interesting mods, with this you can make the game go to 60 FPS in its version of Xbox Series X.

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