One of the stars of Captain America 4 explains why the post-Steve Rogers movie will be very different


One of the stars of Captain America 4, Danny Ramírez, has anticipated that we will see a different kind of character in the next movie.

During an interview with IGN, the 29-year-old Captain America: New World Order star, who previously appeared in Marvel’s Falcon and The Winter Soldier, explained how this movie will feel different.

I think Sam Wilson is his own person“, said. “Specifically with the challenges he faces in Falcon and The Winter Soldier. A lot of the themes that we wrestle with, specifically, is the world being ready for Sam Wilson as Captain America, and what that entails, and we see that wrestling in the series and now its continuation.“.

“Sam Wilson is our Captain America.”

Sam Wilson is played by Anthony Mackie, who was given the iconic shield by Steve Rogers himself at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

It wasn’t until the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier that he became the new Captain America.

I am very excitedRamirez added.We’ve been asked a lot about that Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson dichotomy. And some say, ‘Yes, but no,’ but Sam Wilson is our Captain America. And I think understanding and getting into that is exciting.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier explored some pretty serious themes surrounding the new Captain America, specifically, if America is prepared for a black Capitán América.

The director of the New World Order, Julias Onah, explained why its different origin makes Sam Wilson the perfect Post-Crisis Captain America.

“He’s a different human being and he comes from a different set of experiences.“, said. “Already in the Winter Soldier we saw what it means for someone like him to take the shield. But it’s also a very different MCU. It’s a post-explosion MCU. It’s a post-Thanos MCU. So the world has also changed a lot. And the role of a hero has changed“.

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Obviously, the movie title hints that things have changed in a big way.

What does that mean?“, I ask. “The decisions that he is going to have to make and the situations that he is going to face are radically different from those that Steve Rogers had to face. And as a result of that, because he’s a leader now of this team, he has to make decisions that are going to have massive implications. So the world has changed around him and he’s a changed man, and I think that makes for a really exciting narrative.“.

The producer of Captain America 4 has already compared the film to Rocky.