One Of Us Is Lying Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


One Of Us Is Lying Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

A teenager’s memory of seeing someone die may be there for the rest of their life. Four high school kids watch one of their friends pass away in this television series, which is based on the novel “One of Us Is Lying” by McManus.

Will the programme get a second season’s renewal? Fans are left on a cliffhanger as the series concludes in suspense. For the second season of this programme, the production staff should better prepare.

Given that there is a list of plausible suspects, including Vanessa, the cruel girl who enjoys prying into people’s private lives, we are left to wonder who the blackmailer is. Erica Saleh, the writer of “Wisdom of a Crowd” (2017–2018), creates the enigma.

If adolescent mystery series have taught me anything, it’s that although parties and trips might be fantastic ways for kids to connect, nothing truly does it like One of Us Is Lying, which further demonstrates that.

One of Us Is Lying is based on Karen M. McManus’s 2017 first book of the same name, and it chronicles the tale of five kids who are sent to detention.

An allergic reaction strikes one of the students, whom is well-known for founding an online gossip club, and he or she dies instantly.

After it is established that his death wasn’t an accident, an inquiry is launched with the other four pupils at the facility since they all had reasons to murder him.

The American television mystery series One of Us Is Lying was produced by Erica Saleh. The series depends on Karen M. McManus’ 2017 book of the same name.

It seems that the narrative centres on five high school kids who are sent to confinement, where one of them passes away under questionable circumstances and an inquiry is launched.

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Mark McKenna plays the character of the slain student Simon in the film, while Annalisa Cochrane, Chibuikem Uche, Marianly Tejada, and Cooper van Grootel play the primary suspects. Barrett Carnahan, Jessica McLeod, and Melissa Collazo play minor roles.

Additionally, on October 7, 2021, the show had its Peacock debut and received mostly favourable reviews from reviewers. The show was renewed earlier this past year, on January 2022, for an additional season, which is scheduled to begin this year.

One Of Us Is Lying Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of the enigmatical series “One of us is lying” has been announced. The season will be made available on October 20, 2022, a Thursday. Given that the programme only concentrates on crimes, murders, or mysteries, it may be considered to have ideal timing. Halloween is almost approaching.

There will be 8 episodes, each lasting between 45 and 60 minutes. Each week, new episodes will be published. It will show its last episode on the end of 2022. The Peacock announced the continuation of the season in January 2022. The season 2 trailer, however, has not yet been made public.

One Of Us Is Lying Season 2 Cast

For season 2, the majority of the main characters will be back. The supporting cast will see some minor modifications. It hasn’t been verified, however. The show’s key characters will be:

  • Annalisa Cochrane plays Addy Prentiss, the popular cheerleader at school.
  • Chibuikem Uche plays Cooper Clay, the basketball player.
  • Marianly Tejada plays Bronwyn Rojas, an average student with some extra focus on the future.
  • Cooper van Grootel plays Nate Macauley, a student, and a drug dealer.
  • Jessica McLeod plays Janae Matthews, Simon’s best friend.
  • Mark McKenna plays Simon Kelleher, owner of the online gossip group, who dies afterward.
  • Barrett Carnahan plays Jake Riordan, the famous captain of the football team and boyfriend of Addy.
  • Melissa Collazo plays Maeve Rojas, Bronwyn’s younger sister.
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The ensemble cast consists of:

  • Jacque Drew plays Detective Wheeler.
  • George Ferrier plays TJ Forrester, a best friend of Jake’s, and has a secret crush on Addy.
  • Martin Bobb-Semple plays Evan, Boyfriend of Bronwyn.
  • Miles J. Harvey plays Lucas, Cooper’s brother.
  • Zenia Marshall plays Keely, Cooper’s girlfriend.
  • Karim Diane plays Kris, the secret boyfriend of Cooper
  • Alimi Ballard plays as Kevin Clay, Cooper’s father, and basketball team coach.
  • Sara Thompson plays Vanessa, the best friend of Addy and the girlfriend of TJ.
  • Andi Crown plays Ms. Avery, a physics teacher at the school.

The second season of One of us is Lying has some anticipated new additions.

  • Joe Witkowski plays Jake’s brother.
  • Doralynn Mui plays Fiona, a new student at the school.

One Of Us Is Lying Season 2 Trailer

One Of Us Is Lying Season 2 Plot

One of Us Is Lying, as indicated before, is based on the same-titled book by Karen M. McManus. Season 2 will, however, start up immediately after the events of season 1, departing from McManus’s follow-up book, which is set a full year after One of Us Is Lying.

Simon’s death is ultimately explained in the season one finale, which reveals that he poisoned his own drink with peanut oil as part of a joke Jake and Simon concocted.

In contrast, Jake made the choice to steal Simon’s EpiPens at the nurse’s office and then blame the crime on his unfaithful girlfriend Addy.

After putting the jigsaw pieces together, Addy understood Jake was Simon’s accomplice. Prior to using one with his EpiPens to revive himself, Simon planned to come dangerously close to passing out and terrify his classmates.

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Jake got into a confrontation with Addy, Cooper, and Janae, and one of the three—though it wasn’t made clear which one—shot and killed Jake, setting up a clear narrative for season 2.

For using their phones in class, five students received detention. Simon threatens to post Addy’s infidelity against Jake on his digital gossip app. This has to get the biggest mistake steve has ever made, as Jake planned his murder and carries it out.

Jake invites Simon to join in on his scheme to trick the four pupils he is spending detention with. Jake conceals the medication that is supposed to protect him from a serious allergic response from Simon.

The plot of the series takes unexpected turns as people attempt to blackmail one another, some of whom (Vanessa) motivated by the need for retribution.

The four students must exhaust all avenues to establish their innocence as the number of suspects in Simon’s murder increases.

After a particularly dramatic incarceration in Season 1, the real reason for Simon’s (Mark McKenna) death was revealed. So a whole fresh murder mystery will be the focus of season two.

Unfortunately, Jake (Barrett Carnahan) was the one who, once his involvement in Simon’s killing was revealed, ended up with the chalk outline around the corpse this time.

It turned out that Simon had always meant to eat peanut oil that he had placed in his water as part of a risky joke to frighten his peers, giving himself anaphylactic shock.

Jake went a step further, however, and purposefully concealed Simon’s EpiPen in an effort to implicate his fiancée Addy, who he had found to have cheated on him.

After realising everything, Addy went to face Jake while bringing Cooper and Janae along. When Jake was ultimately shot and died, their situation just became worse.