Onion Price in India: Onions around Rs 100 in metros, but farmers are selling only 25-30 rupees per kg at this place

Onion Price In Madhya Pradesh: The retail price of onion in metropolitan cities of the country is around Rs 100 a kg. Even the wholesale price of onion is very high in Lasalgaon, Nashik, the biggest onion market. But the situation is different in Madhya Pradesh, another major onion producing state. The farmers here are wandering to sell onions. Far from getting them the legitimate price of their crop, they are forced to sell onions at the rate of 8 to 20 rupees per kg. Also Read – Onion Price Today: Onion sold in Nashik wholesale market today for Rs 70, know what is the price in retail

According to the report of Zee News, even though the prices of onions are touching the sky in the big cities of the metros, the situation in Malwa farmers is different with regard to onions. In fact, there are about 1.25 lakh farmers in Neemuch region of Malwa and onion crops are sown on a large scale in this area. At present, onion prices are around Rs 100 per kg in metros, but the picture here is something else.

When we visited Neemuch Mandi, which is called the biggest agricultural produce market of the state, farmers were unhappy about the price of onion. In fact, the farmers say that the festival of Deepawali is near and in the coming days, they have given a holiday of Mandi Yoga, in such a large number of farmers are coming to sell onion in the mandi.

But the price of onion here is 8 to 25 to 35 rupees per kg. The farmers say that they have come to the market for two-three days to sell onions, but the prices of onions are hardly available. Farmers allege that due to market traders and middlemen, farmers are not getting full price of onions.

Mandi traders say that old onion is being sold for above Rs 55 per kg, so the same low quality is being bid for Rs 8. So the same market secretary Satish Patel says that the farmers are happy about the price of onions. They have also got the price of onion at the highest 70 rupees per kg. On Thursday, there are about 15000 bags of onions in the market. When the market secretary was talked about selling onions sold in metros, he said that when onions go out from here, it is taxed on freight, due to which it becomes expensive.

Although the merchant and the officer have their own arguments, but the condition of the farmers remains the same. Even the farmers also say that onion crop grown in a bigha costs about 25000. Farmers should get at least 70 rupees per kg of onion. Talking about the retail market, onion is being sold to customers here for Rs 60 to 60 kg.

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