Opposition uproar over bill related to farmers in Rajya Sabha, Congress MP said- ‘Cannot sign death warrant’

In the midst of heavy opposition from the opposition, two bills related to farmers were placed on the table of the Rajya Sabha after the Lok Sabha on Sunday. While presenting the bill as an historic one, the Congress (Congress), TMC (TMS), Samajwadi Party (SP) opposed it. The BJD is also believed to be with the BJP, and demanded that the bill be sent to the Select Committee. The Agriculture Minister said that I want to assure the farmers that these bills are not related to the minimum support price. ”He said that it was felt that farmers should have options to sell their crops, because APMC (Agriculture There was no transparency in the Product Market Committee). Also Read – The bill related to farmers introduced in Rajya Sabha amidst protest, this is the strategy of the government! Know what the figures say …

Tomar said that the provisions of both the bills will increase competition in the market and farmers will get better prices. He said that some assumptions are being made about the Bill which is not correct and it is not related to MSP. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also said that the MSP is intact and it will continue.

At the same time, TMC MP in Rajya Sabha Derek O’Brien said that the Prime Minister had said that the opposition is confusing the farmers. What is your basis for this? You had asked to double the income of the farmers, but what happened to it so far?

On the other hand, Pratap Singh Bajwa of Congress alleged that both the bills are an injury to the soul of the farmers. He said that these have been prepared incorrectly and presented at the wrong time. He said that thousands of corona virus cases are coming up every day and there is tension with China on the border. Bajwa alleged that the government’s intention is to abolish the MSP and promote the corporate world. He questioned whether the government had talked to the farmers’ organizations before taking new steps.

He alleged that both the bills also play with the federal structure of the country. He said that those whom you want to benefit, they are not ready to accept it. In such a situation what is the need of new laws? He said that the farmers of the country are no longer illiterate and they understand the steps of the government. Bajwa questioned that if the government’s steps are in favor of the farmers, then why is the Akali Dal, the BJP’s oldest ally, opposing it? Speaking during the discussion on the bills, Bajwa called it a ‘death warrant of farmers’ and said that our party will not sign it at any cost.

At the same time, during the discussion on the bill, SP MP Ram Gopal Yadav said that, ‘It seems that the ruling party does not want to debate or discuss important Bills. They only want to pass these bills. You have not consulted any farmers associations.