Oprah As Well As The Rock Collect Crypto Donations For People Affected By The Maui Wildfire


Oprah As Well As The Rock Collect Crypto Donations For People Affected By The Maui Wildfire:

As a rescue fund backed by A-list celebs like Oprah Winfrey as well as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson accepts cryptocurrency gifts, the cryptocurrency community comes together to help the people of Maui.

At the beginning of August 2023, flames broke out on the Hawaiian island of Maui. More than 2,500 acres were burned, and a lot of property and people were lost. The Rock as well as Oprah started the People’s Fund of Maui to help those who were hurt by the disaster in a direct way.

Through a fresh fund that they announced on Thursday, Oprah Winfrey as well as Dwayne Johnson have each put up $10 million to help people on Maui who can’t go back to their homes due to the fires.

The People’s Fund Of Maui Is Providing $1,200 Per Month To People Who Can’t Go Back To Their Main Homes:

The website for the People’s Fund of Maui says that it will provide $1,200 a month to grownups who can’t go back to their main homes due to the recent wildfires. This includes both people who bought and hired their houses. The fund will additionally seek out gifts so that it can help people for a longer time.

Within the tweet, The Rock said that all of the money donated would go to help the wounded. “Every adult who resides in the region that was impacted as well as was forced to leave because of the fires within Lahaina as well as Kula can get $1,200 per month to assist them get back on their feet.”

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Donations to the People’s Fund of Maui can be made in a number of traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies. The fund will accept gifts in regular currency from all over the world, as well as Bitcoin, Ether, Doge, and a whole host of other options.

What’s The Point Of Giving The Donation Straight To The Person Who Needs It?

Oprah said that giving the gifts straight to the survivors was done so that they could decide how to get back to normal life. “Our goal is for people to have their own power and be able to make their own decisions about what they need as well as what their family needs,” she said.

Dolly Parton set up a similar fund after wildfires in December 2016 killed 14 people and destroyed 2,400 buildings in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This gave the two people the idea to start their own fund.

About 1,000 People Ended Up Getting Help From The Fund:

Jeff Conyers, head of The Dollywood Foundation, stated he met with Winfrey’s team several times in the past couple of months to talk about what they had learned from running the fund, which gave $11 million to families who lost their homes.

Conyers said that Parton’s fund, called “My People Fund,” worked alongside firefighters and a local power company to find out what buildings were burned as well as who lived in them. They also asked people in the area for help.

An review from the University of Tennessee Knoxville College of Social Work shows that the fund helped around 1,000 families in the end. This included a one-time payment of $5,000 at the conclusion of six months.

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What Kind Of Proof Does The Victim Need To Show In Order To Get Help?

According to the fund’s website, applicants for the People’s Fund of Maui must show a government ID as well as a power bill within their name for a lost or unusable home in order to apply.

Winfrey, who lives part-time on Maui, went to a shelter on Maui within the days shortly after the fire and worried about how to get help to the people who needed it.

At least 115 individuals died in the fires, and the number of people who are still missing is not known. The deadly fire in the ancient town of Lahaina upon August 8 was the worst in the United States within over a century.

Johnson As Well As Winfrey Hope That People Will Continue To Get Money From The Fund For At Least 6 Months:

Johnson and Winfrey hope that the fund will continue to give money to qualified residents for at least six months. However, Winfrey said that how long the fund lasts will depend on how much support and money it gets from the American people.

Holly Welcome Radice, the regional spokesperson for the Americas at CALP Network, a group of organizations that studies cash support programs, said that when establishing a direct cash transfer program, it’s important to know what the goal is.

She said that in this case, $1,200 ought to be enough to cover the cost of rent or the cost of life for an adult within the vicinity, or whatever need the fund is trying to fulfill.

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All Hands And Hearts, An Organization That Helps People In Times Of Disaster, Is Additionally Collecting Cryptocurrency:

Olga Ruggiero, head of organizational integration as well as events at All Hands as well as Hearts, said, “Cryptocurrency donations, like any other kind of donation, help to provide vital assistance after the devastating wildfires.”

“The crypto industry keeps coming together to help towns in need all over the world. All Hands and Hearts, a disaster aid group, was additionally collecting coin and cash gifts to help Maui residents after the fires.