Original Pamela Blair, Star Of “A Chorus Line,” Dies At Age 73


Original Pamela Blair, Star Of “A Chorus Line,” Dies At Age 73:

Pamela Blair died on Sunday at her home within Phoenix, Arizona, after a long illness. She was best known for playing Valerie Clark, who had surgery to make her look better, in the hit Broadway show A Chorus Line. She turned 73.

Blair died at home within Phoenix, Arizona, on Sunday after being sick for a long time, Deadline said. Friends, like her co-star in “A Chorus Line,” Baayork Lee, shared the news of her death on social media.

Lee wrote on Facebook, “It makes me very sad to say that my Sagittarius sister Pam Blair has left to play alongside her friends in the clouds.” Putting up a Dec.

“We always wrote to each other on our 5th birthday, no matter where we were,” Lee said, remembering how Blair’s performance of “Dance Ten, Looks Three” “brought the house down every night.”

One of Broadway’s most popular actors, who also had roles in several daytime soap shows, has died.

Pamela Blair, who played Val in the original version of “A Chorus Line,” died on Sunday at her home within Phoenix, Arizona, after a long illness. Blair had turned 73.

Pamela Blair’s legacy:

Blair began her career as an actress on stage. In 1968, she made her Broadway debut as a dancer in “Promises, Promises.”

She kept getting parts in ensembles of Broadway shows like “Sugar” and “Seesaw” until 1974, when she got the lead part in “Of Mice and Men” to be Curley’s wife, the only female character in the play.

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The next year, Blair’s success on Broadway grew when she played Val within “A Chorus Line,” a popular show that was put together through a number of workshops. Blair was one of the actors who took part in these classes, and Val was partly based on what she learned.

Another actor gave the character’s excitement for changing her body, yet Blair herself sang the song “Dance Ten Looks Three,” which was all about how great plastic surgery is.

Blair went on to play Amber/Angel for the first role in “The Best Little Whorehouse within Texas.” She also acted within “King of Hearts,” “The Nerd,” as well as “A Few Good Men” on Broadway.

She Got Her First TV Job On Ryan’s Hope Within 1980:

In 1980, she got her first TV job on “Ryan’s Hope.” She then played Rita Mar Bristow in the first few seasons of “Loving.” She also appeared on “All My Children,” “Law & Order,” “Another World,” as well as “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.”

Blair had a small part in the 1982 movie version of “Annie.” She also appeared within “Mighty Aphrodite,” “Before as well as After,” as well as “21 Grams,” as well as did voices for “Beavis as well as Butthead Do America.”

Blair’s most famous song is a tribute to the benefits of plastic surgery in show business. It’s called “T&A” because it keeps referring to the body parts that are said to be improved.

The real title of the funny song was about the scores that a Broadway casting director gave to the character Val after an interview.

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“I was awful homely, skinny, unattractive, as well as flat like a pancake,” Blair-as-Val said at the beginning of the song. “Getting the picture?” The story of the character was based on Blair’s life, but without the facial surgery.

She “was an element of the musical from its initial workshop,” the late Chorus Line writer Marvin Hamlisch’s official Twitter account said. “Her family and fans are in our thoughts.”

Blair had already been within Promises, Promises, Wild as well as Wonderful, Sugar, as well as Seesaw on Broadway before she was cast as “Curly’s Wife” in a production of Of Mice and Men with James Earl Jones. Michael Bennett, who had put together the dances for Promises, Promises, then asked Blair to help make A Chorus Line.

Blair Debuted As “Amber/Angel” In 1978’s The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas:

After that show did well, Blair played “Amber/Angel” on stage for the first time in The Best Little Whorehouse within Texas in 1978. Later, her then-husband Don Scardino directed her in the Broadway shows King of Hearts, The Nerd, as well as A Few Good Men.

Blair appeared on TV in shows like Ryan’s Hope, Loving, Another World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, as well as All My Children, where she had a special part that got her a nod for a Daytime Emmy in 1987.

Some of the movies she has worked on are 21 Grams, Annie, and Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite.