Orissa High Court allows gay couple to stay in live-in, said this big thing, know


Odisha High Court: The Odisha High Court allowed homosexual couples to live in live-in relationships, saying that despite different gender identities, humans have the right to take full advantage of their rights. Also Read – Madras High Court said- no offense if boy and girl stay in hotel without marrying

A division bench of Justice SK Mishra and Justice Savitri Ratho, while hearing the habeas corpus petition of 24-year-old Transman (who was a woman at birth) earlier this week, said, “The state should give them all kinds of protection including Right to life, right to equality before law and equal protection of law should be included. ” Also Read – Sushant Singh Rajput, who left his home and went to live with this actress, is planning for the future!

The petitioner, who identified himself as a man, said that his partner’s mother and relatives had forcibly taken him to Jaipur and fixed his marriage with another person, forcing him to approach the court. Also Read – Sushant Singh Rajput is staying at the Live Inn with this actress! See hot photos

Justice SK Mishra, presiding over the bench, ruled that the couple had the right to decide on their sexual preference and ordered the Jaipur Superintendent of Police to ensure that the petitioner’s partner could live with her in Bhubaneswar.

He said that the woman’s mother and sister would be allowed to meet the woman at the petitioner’s house.

Justice Savitri Ratho said that freedom of choice is available to both those who have decided to live together.

The bench also said that on judicial intervention, a woman can live with the petitioner but if she does not want to go back to her mother by not staying with the petitioner, then there will be no restriction on her.


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